Ying Du’s Roaster Ruined by the DOH?


Is it possible that the secret to great roast pork and roast duck lies in the caked on juices that occur after years and years of use? That’s what one commenter suggested about Ying Du’s roasted meats, which made a return last week after disappearing following a visit from the DOH.

“I went last week on Monday and can confirm that the roasted meats are indeed back at Ying Du, and they still cost $5. I went with the roast pork and roast duck combo. I agree that the flavor isn’t nearly as good as before the DOH close, and I can only assume that it’s because they were forced to clean everything and remove the years of built-in flavoring.”

Let this be a lesson to all you neat freaks and germaphobes. Dirty = Delicious!


  • Well, there is a point to that. Cast iron pans need to be ‘seasoned.’ The more you build up the oily layers the better flavor your food will take on.

  • same reason some bbq teams/places dont scrub the grills down.

  • just gotta ask for more of that green sauce then…

  • my coworker actually said that after the first time they closed. maybe the thorough cleaning really did make a difference? now how do those places that claim to use the same sauce/oil/stock since they opened a 100 years ago manage to stay open???

  • An old pot that my father used for one of his restaurants from the olden days, still sit here at my place. The sugar buildup is so thick, that at first look you can’t tell its a friggin pot :P

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