You Can’t Keep Ming Du Down

The hand that closeth, openeth up. Ming Du, which was closed by the DoH about two weeks ago, is back open for business with a “grade pending” certificate in the window.

The meats are back up on display and are still getting chopped and served out with gusto over here.

There’s nothing new yet on DoH’s website, but it seems that whatever roach openings existed have been plugged to the satisfaction of the city. If this is a new par for the course on DoH closures opening back up again, could it be that there’s a new swift paradigm to encourage scorers of too many points in the wrong direction to take swift action upon being shut down? Only time will tell.

Until then, you can get your steam table hole-in-the-wall Chinese with greater reliability than Fuji Bakery’s, at least until the grade comes out at C or better.

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  • Went to eat at GoGo Curry today and noticed that Ming Du (next door)was being spruced up with new linoleum floors and workers scrubbing the place down (on a Sunday?) Then I noticed the orange “C” grade. I haven’t actually see many “C” grades among my eating adventures.

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