Meet the New Li Yuan, Same As The Old Ming Du

History repeats itself, indeed: we’ve reported on Ming Du’s repeated closures by the Department of Health, and for reasons not known to us (Tax? Health? Astrology?) Ying Du Ming Du is now New Li Yuan. Still the same roast meats in the window, and still in the DoH eye. That Grade Pending in the window reflects a violation on March 15th and a reinspection on April 4th. The same lunch options are still there, and it was packed as normal. The major violations this time are just temperature issues, though – no more evidence of vermin as of now. Granted, it’s not as name-changey as Chinatown, but we’ve seen Hing Won stay as Hing Won since 2006. Wonder what’s going on behind New Li Yuan’s lines? Any Chinese speakers of the appropriate dialect care to go covert on our behalf to find out?

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