Attention NYC Restaurants: You’ll All Be Graded on Your Performance From Here On Out!

Some of you might have already heard that NYC’s Board of Health voted Tuesday to rate cleanliness in the city’s “25,648 food-service establishments” with a publicly posted letter grade. Grades range from A to D and while personally this news brings back memories of cramming for tests in High School, this isn’t really as controversial as foodies may want to dramatize it as. I was a kid in LA when restaurant grades were first introduced and after a year or two of getting used to it, their influence on the eating habits of the population reverted back to normal. Hell, even Zach made one of his first LA Eats a B-student lunch. Where would you stop eating at if they only got a B or C? I’ve got my eye on you Tads!


  • i think it is a good idea. a lot of restaurateurs don’t like this, including Marc Murphy, but i think it increases visibility of health inspections since you have to go online to find the results. Marc is complaining that if they have a bad day they will get a bad letter, but they will have plenty of opportunity to remedy the situation.

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    I agree… this is a good idea.. I’m from LA, and I always wondered why they didn’t have this system here..

    I’m okay with eating from a “B” or “A” restaurant, but would likely avoid “C”. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it has to be pretty filthy for it to be a “C” or below. “B” I think is relatively okay and all Korean restaurants seem to get “B”‘s because of all the banchan and the fact that they need to have so much of it lying around… I heard from somewhere that this always hurt the grade… but who knows…

    anyway, won’t eat anything that’s C or below…

  • Keep in mind that the Walgreen’s sandwich display will be very clean – will rate an A.

  • I ate at C’s quite often in LA…never got sick. I think it’s a pretty strict grading system, so a C is very clean compared to some 3rd world country places I’ve been to. Give the ol’ immune system a challenge once in a while.

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    @ceh: Yeah… you’re probably right.. and when i’m in foreign countries, I have no problems eating at street food vendors that would probably be rated as a “D”… but… I tried to avoid the “C”‘s when I lived in LA..

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