Margon Closed For “Emergency Repairs”


Sad Margon news from Lunch’er Ed today:

My coworker and I wanted some oxtail on Thursday from Margon. I had just been there the week before and got my fried chicken morsels on. So this past Thursday, we go there braving the rain (non-Irene related) and they had a sign on the door that said they were closed because of a power outage. What was weird to me was that they had newspapers covering all the windows as if they were renovating the inside. We thought no worries, we’ll just try again tomorrow. We settled for El Rey Del Sabor on 43rd. We go back Friday, and again it is closed. Not Happy. This time we settled on Sophie’s on 45th which was a decent substitute. So figuring, they are bleeding money, they HAVE to be open Monday.


We go back and it’s closed again. Only this time, we spot the Health Department Order tucked away on a side window. Looks like they racked up 60 points on the inspection last Wednesday. Hopefully, they come back soon. Can you find out when they plan to reopen and get their reinspection? Because frankly, all restaurants deal with these issues and I just need my oxtail.

They were hoping to reopen today, but it looks like that didn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow? (Keeping our fingers crossed.)

Photos courtesy of Nick L.


  • lol, that place is way too busy and tasty to be hygienic.

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    When I saw them drop a bit of pork on the ground 2 weeks ago, they left it there. Very happy that it didn’t make its way into a sandwich.

  • The power thing I believe. I was there a few weeks ago at 1P and everything just went out while I was in line. Everyone pretty much just ignored the near total darkness until it came back on, but they’ve definitely been having issues.

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