Menchanko Tei Gets the DOH!


Yesterday, I was very disappointed to get this email & photos

Hi there,

Menchanko on 45th at Lex – BIG FAT YELLOW NOTICE:

“Closed by order of the Board of Health”


I suppose it’s about time.  It has been almost a year since a Midtown Lunch commenter posted this:

I have always liked this place, but today I found a dead cockroach in my rice bowl. They had the nerve to give us the bill. There has to be the last time I pay for a cockroach lunch.

I don’t care what anybody says.  I still love the place.  Maybe I’ll just stick to the 55th St. location and their 26 (two points below passing, and no mention of vermin, as of June ’07).

Close-up of the dreaded yellow- after the jump…

Thanks to Stacey H. for the tip and photos.  Do you have Midtown Lunch news, info, or incriminating photos?  Post them to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page, or email me at


  • I would NEVER pay for a meal in which a cockroach was found inside my food. I’d get up and walk out on the spot.

  • OMG… a friend of mine is moving to that area and we’d talked about going there… *shudder* thank goodness this happened first, gross!!!

    PS EW, well I guess I’ve paid for a meal despite a cockroach suddenly walking across my napkin, but in my RICE? OH HELL NO.

  • Yeah, I don’t know why you would think you needed to pay for that meal. UGH.

    Darn, I just ate there for lunch the day they got closed. I’m addicted to hiyashi chuka and was going to go for dinner last night when I saw the DOH.

  • In Soviet Union, must pay extra for roach in rice bowl! What a country!

  • And yet you let Ben Affleck roam free.

  • Damn! I love that place in winter… hope they fix the problems before this winter…

    I dunno about Ben Aflleck, but one time I found Matt Damon in my rice…. but I didnt pay.

  • That chick from Tuesday.. yeah, well her profile sucked. And she doesn’t look like L. Tyler.

  • Holy Crap:

    How on earth do you get 62 violation points? (as of 07/24/2007)
    Evidence of rats and mice…no thermometers…ewwww.

  • She Does

  • The chick from Tuesday DOES look like Liv Tyler

  • I just ate there today for lunch…
    oh, i don’t feel too well now……………

  • Crap… I JUST ate there. Didn’t see this until now. Makes me want to wipe my tongue on my tie, or is that just a side effect of something I got from the Sumo bowl? …

  • I just wanted to let people know that the first DOH link does not apply to Menchanko-Tei. The one I just posted does, and I have to say, none of those violations are that uncommon at most restaurants in NYC, plus I think one of them might have to do witih the oden–all of the fried stuff simmering in the same broth in one container, although they are somewhat seperated by metal dividers.
    I’ve eaten there a number of times and have never been anything but pleased.

    Menchanko-Tei is on the same block as three, four other restaurants so frankly, a roach or two might stop by from time to time.

    No excuse for them being rude about it, but still. No violations found for rats or mice or roaches, just wanted to make that clear.

  • Hey Amy… I agree with you that Menchanko Tei is awesome, and I will continue to eat there- but a week before the inspection listed in your link, they got a 47-

  • Holy lord, i just went to the 55th street location yesterday and it was closed too. CURSE YOU DOH, CURSES BE UPON YOU. My third fave restaurant to be shut down this year, and now theyre after the Red Hook Ballfields. Is there no justice?

  • I have loved the hakata ramen at the 55th st location for years. Not sure if I can ever go back.

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