Menchanko Tei 55 Gets the DOH

Got some sad news from Midtown north on Friday… the Menchanko Tei on 55th btw. 5+6th has been closed by the DOH.  We don’t know for sure why they were closed, or when they will reopen- but they did have an inspection about a month ago and the results aren’t pretty. If you don’t want to read the specifics, and we don’t really blame you if you don’t, we’ll just tell you that they got a 61 (28 and below is passing.)   Then again, roaches didn’t stop us from going to the 45th street location, so this probably won’t keep us away from the 55th Street location.


  • There’s a picture of Menchanko Tei Ramen right under this post. Delicious irony.

    I’ll still hit up the 45th St location. Hakata ramen is just that good.

  • Those citi inspection, it requires abit of luck. some inspectors are crazy demanding and some are less so. some days, your kitchen looks dirtier than other days..i know cuz i have dealt with them.

  • I have dealt with them too. You have to be pretty filthy and careless to pile up that many violations.

  • Hmmmm. How lazy could this location be to NOT keep things in check. Boo.

    With that said, I really like their Hakata Ramen too at the 45th location.

  • This is specifically about the 45th St location — so I’ve been here plenty of times, but I’ve been so addicted to the udon noodles at Onya, that I ignored my old friends at Menchanko. Boy, what was I thinking??? Me and a bud from work hit Menchanko the other day when it was rainy and chilly out, and ordered the signature “Menchanko” dish for lunch… thank god, not a thing has changed! Absolutely delicious as every other time I’ve been there… this place hits it out of the park for top-notch Japanese noodles (if you prefer ramen) plus they throw in a generous fare of meats and/or seafood , depending upon your dish. Might also explain why like 90% of the customers here are Japanese…big thumbs up. Domo ari gato, Mr. Roboto…kampai!

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