Twitter is the Latest Tool in DOH Cover Ups

Restaurants have all sorts of creative ways to cover up the big yellow sticker that lets people know their establishment has been closed by the DOH. But using Twitter to preemptively alert your customers that you will be “closing for the holidays” is a new one. Yesterday, we thought that maybe Mantao Chinese Sandwiches (which announced they will be closed through the weekend) got their Thanksgiving dates mixed up. Nope!  According to Lunch’er “ceh” they were closed by the DOH. Mantao has since deleted the tweet, but you can still see it on the ML Twitter Tracker. So much for the “Chinese Thanksgiving” theory

This morning a Mantao employee answered the phone and said that their boiler is broken and they are waiting for the landlord to fix it.  According to her it could happen this morning, in which case they’d be open for lunch today (although I’d call ahead.)


  • Ha ha ha. This is hilarious. I’m really looking forward to when I can “twitter in sick to work”.

  • hahahahaha nice try though!

    So my question is… after a resto got a yellow sticker… do you guys ever go back?! i’m hesitant…. should I be?

  • If the place was good before, I always go back. If anything you should feel *more* comfortable, because it means somebody inspected the place and they were forced to clean it up.

    Plus, a lot of times the DOH closing has nothing to do with cleanliness or the food itself. It has to do with stupid rules about sinks, and equipment.

  • Brick Lane Curry House Too, which is next door to Mantao, was also closed due to the boiler issue.

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