Late Lunch Mantao Special

Today through Friday you can get 20% off your order at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches just by saying the code word “Ramones” from 3pm to 6pm. I can’t wait that long for lunch, but a mantao would make an excellent late afternoon snack. Might as well save a buck…


  • i actually just had that today sans discount. ran me $6 for 2 sammies. :( actually it was one sandwich and one plain bun….

  • What happens if you forget or mispronounce the ‘secret word’?

    I just watched a Fear-Net movie about that — why cannot I NOT remember the name of it — when the guy could not remember, precisely, you understand, the ‘secret word’, and he got into ALL kinds of bad stuff, you know, deep shi*.

    I was just wonderin’, you understand.

  • Anyone who mispronounces Ramones should be forced to eat Walgreens sandwiches for the rest of their lives.

    hey ho lets go

  • Went last night. Really good stuff. Spicy tofu-my choice.

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