Piada is Now Open; Lunch’er Calls it “Too Authentic”

Have gotten multiple reports this morning that the Midtown location of Piada, the Italian flat bread sandwich chain, is now open.  You may be familiar with their Lower East Side location (I’m not); their Midtown branch is in the basement of the Citicorp Building on 53rd and Lex.

Update… a good friend of mine checked it out yesterday, and her report is after the jump.

The place seems awesome– I had a piada with stracchino, prosciutto cotto, and arugula and it was great. But the amount of confusion in there was hilarious– I think that people who work around there might be used to simple, straightforward sandwiches, and weren’t quite sure what to make of these. There were only 3 other people in there (at 12:30), and there were a few people who walked in and then right back out. The few people I saw ordering took forever to decide what they were getting, and there was a lot of confusion (trying to figure out how to pronounce “bresaola”, etc.). I hope the place makes it, but I wonder if it might be too authentic for the area?

“Too authentic”??? I don’t even know what that means…

Piada is Bringing Their “Authentic Italian Sandwich” to Midtown


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