Barros Luco Will “Grande” Size Your Sandwich for $2


The hits just keep on coming from Barros Luco, the Chilean sandwich spot on 52nd and 2nd.  Last week I tried their new “bigger” sandwiches, and today they announced they’ll make them even bigger!  From the owner:

“Starting today we will give customers a truly Chilean experience by offering the option of making all the sandwiches just the way they make them in Chile, and I mean GRANDE! So for an extra $2.00 you can order any sandwich “Grande” and we will double everything. That means if you order the Chacarero Completo you will get double meat, cheese, string beans, tomato, avocado and banana peppers. This will be such a big sandwich that it will be served on a 9″ plate and for dine-in only.”

Dios mio man.  Also announced yesterday via twitter… a new lunch special. 3 fried empanadas + medium soda for $7.99+tax. For dine-in and take-out only. (Excludes shrimp & cheese empanada.)

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  • Barros Luca was lunch today for me. I saw the 3 empanadas special but didn’t know they had a Grande option. Oh well.

    Their Chacarero Completo was okay and the fried beef empanada does have a nice, distinct olive taste to it.

  • So, do these empanadas taste better when you get them back to your cubicle, zap them in the microwave (much to the dismay of the other cubicle dwellers), and then pig out on this culinarily-orgasmic cuisine.

    I mean, inquiring minds want to know — and to understand.

    And we Southen’, non-New Yawkas want to know how we can enjoy the quality of life that YOU folks enjoy.

    Carry on, please.

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    “For dine-in and take-out only”

    Er, what other options are there?

  • delivery, perhaps?

  • Went last Thurs. and this is dang close to the Boston stalwart. Bigger sandwiches? Bring it on, but these were pretty big now anyway. Cheese empanda and a soda at lunch for $.50 LESS than a cheese empanda? I was so in.

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