Calling BS on Strip Club Lunch

I can’t call this an “airing of grievances” because the person who wrote the comment isn’t really complaining, but the information conveyed calls into question whether the Rick’s Cabaret $10 lunch deal, that Mamacita wrote about a few months ago, can truly be considered a Midtown Lunch:

“I went to Rick’s Cabaret today for lunch around 2:40 (lunch special is over after 3) and had a lovely time. The food came out fast and was quite good, and exceptional considering that a Ceasar Salad, 10 oz steak with fries and a chocolate cake was $10! (Although there is a 1 drink minimum and even a ginger ale is $8 so you’re not really leaving there without throwing down $22)”

I’m going to have to stop you right there.  They force you to buy an $8 drink?  Hmmm… that kind of sucks.  There is no question $10 for all the food they give you is an amazing deal, and clearly they are hoping you’ll drop some money on lap dances and drinks while you’re there.  But forcing you to buy a drink, that automatically jacks up the price way out of the Midtown Lunch price range.  I can ignore tax and tip (and you get extra points for being a strip club) but $8 for a ginger ale?  That goes against everything I believe in… 

In fairness to Rick’s the commenter did have some other nice things to say.

“It was very dark, but there were a few TVs and some delightful girls dancing on stage. Fairly quiet when I went, while eating no one bothered me, but once I finished and kinda relaxed in my chair a bit, I was propositioned by a sexy foreign girl. Didn’t go for the dance, but it was a nice lunchtime ego boost.

All in all, I’d definitely go again with a co-worker, it was a cool place to chill and the food was really good! [And] if you’re nice to the coat check girl, who was super cute, she’ll probably give you some No Cover passes good anytime with no expiration.”

*Sigh*  Don’t know what to make of this one.  Thoughts?


  • You have to take into account the cost of….thong depreciation..thigh chaffing and the vagisil.

  • Yeah, the bouncer was brusk but clear, lunch special is a one drink minimum (starting at $8) other wise its a two drink minimum.

  • It’s a shill looking to attract horny Midtown Lunchers who have $22 and drive away cheap Midtown Lunchers who have a $10 bill and leave the tip in change stolen from the petty cash box.

  • “but it was a nice lunchtime ego boost.”

    Dude. They’re strippers. That’s what they get paid to do.

  • you’re a moron – she’s not hitting on you, she wants your money.

  • lmao, I have never described a woman as “delightful” in my life!

  • Yeah, they’re paid to do that, but some strippers are like “wanna dance” (in a man voice) and some like try to chat you up, all I’m saying is its cute!

  • If they’re chatting you up, it means they’re having a bad day b/c no one is summoning them for dances….Come on man! Every male out of college knows this–or should!

  • you….you…….OMG you mean…Liv was playing with me?

  • TVs dancing on stage? Even if there were only a few I certainly don’t want to view tube steak and silicone.

  • Wow, someone over the age of 21 who actually thinks strippers like him. How have you managed to survive in NYC, DP?

  • Think about it this way. If a stripper doesn’t talk to you, you’re ugly, fat, and smell like my balls, so I’d say it’s better to have one come over for a dance, then not, thus it’s an ego boost…sort of…i guess.

  • My first experience at a strip club resulted in my having a “normal” conversation with a stripper until she walked off mid-sentence to give a lap dance to my friend.

  • Just to clarify, it seems that the reporter here is a female, as her nickname is Mamacita. So thus the “ego boost.” Just figured that should be cleared up before the trolls make a mockery of a very informative post.

  • NO no no, I wrote the ORIGINAL review. The comment listed on this post was someone that had replied to my review, not me! But I was also approached by a lovely lady when I went there, but no ego boost.

  • The 8 buck drink minimum is to scare cheapos away. Who wants poor guys around those places? Stripping isn’t charity.

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