Try Not To Get Too Excited… But Strip Club Lunch Is On the Way

Remember this?  And remember how I said if I wanted to stay married, I would not be able to review this lunch spot?  Well, problem solved!  Popular Midtown Lunch commenter “Mamacita” agreed to go in my place, and just finished lunch’ing at the oh so fabulous Rick’s Cabaret (on 33rd btw. B’way+5th)  Naturally crab cakes and strip steak were both consumed… she forwarded along this first impression… “Let’s just say I haven’t seen that much T&A since high school gym, and these were not ‘little’ girls.”  Nice…. full review coming next week…


  • What?! What?! Wait, hold the phone. Mamacita, how could you not invite me? Now I’m sad. (frown face)

  • Man, I always walk by there and want to go! We could have made it a whole Midtown Lunch Ladies’ outing! (Hair nets optional.)

  • Aw sweetie, I had to keep it on the DL as I have way too many cool girlfriends that would find it endlessly amusing to go with me… and I couldn’t just choose one :-(

  • ive been there for lunch…had some grilled chicken sandwich which was actually pretty good i thought…

    that was an expensive lunch…

  • I went there for lunch today dropped a $100 dollars and left even hungrier than when I came….

  • jeebus…you must have ordered the crabs…not the crab cakes.

  • There better be photo’s of the “scenery” from where you eat your lunch.

  • There is no way Mamacita went there and resisted the call of … The Pole

    I hope the tips covered the cost of the lunch M, Zach’s not made of money y’know

  • I just have one request, Can you comment on the smell in there? Does it smell like food or does it smell like ass?

  • Let’s just quit the foreplay (pun intended) and start a new site to review all these fine establishments: Midtown Lunch & Ass.

  • I have notified the management of this facility that I am available to perform my “Bea Arthur” show (au naturel, of course, if such things excite you) there with just a week’s notice. I’ve also offerred to perform hair removal on any small furry animals they may have on the premises as well. Perhaps you’ll see me there soon!

  • Oh wow, I should have expected such horrid comments…
    Well, Blondie, I’ll go with you… when I quit my job or when I start working in Midtown… (hint one of these is coming sooner than later lol).
    Do they let non-employees give a whirl on the pole?

  • There was a financial article about how Rick’s is turning a huge profit from these “cheap lunches” because patrons end up spending $125/head. The company’s doing well.

  • Skeater is a great name for a guy lunching at a strip club, ha ha

  • So’s CockChug

    If it’s Chippendales

  • @AL@1PP


  • Bossman: Oh no you didn’t

  • MidTownRugmunch Lunch.


  • Oh Rudy, come on you can do better than that!

  • How the poles are greased could also solve the ‘white sauce’ mystery.

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