Olympic Style Training at the Steak Truck

Steak Truck, Midtown NYC

Craving steak on Friday I realized that you can’t just jump into a lunch at Tad’s Steaks.  Even on a dare.  Eating at Tad’s requires some training.  Like an Olympic Marathon runner, you can’t just start off by running 26 miles.  You’ve got to slowly build up to the big race.  So, I put my lunch at Tad’s on hold, and decided to slowly work my way into it.  (Yes, I am a wuss- but can you blame me?  It’s Tad’s we’re talking about here.) First stop on the training circuit?  The Steak Truck, to try out their steak and cheese sub, that I first noticed in July.  


When the Steak Truck first appeared last year, it was pretty exciting. A massive truck, serving up full steaks, burgers and pretty much everything else imaginable.  The steak turned out to be nothing special (surprise surprise), but for a super filling, under $10 lunch, made up of chunks of actual red meat, you can’t really complain.  The burger was also very large, and cheap- but I found it dry and made from pretty terrible meat.  It’s on the opposite side of town, but if you want a burger from a cart, Carnegie John’s is still the king (although the steak truck burger does come with fries, a huge plus.)

With Magdy’s, the premier steak and cheese cart in Midtown, only a block away, I was hoping the Steak Truck would distinguish themselves by offering more meat, or better meat, or more meat.  Did I mention I was hoping for more meat?  The bread to meat ratio was pretty bad, but they did a few things that make the sandwich a tad bit interesting.  First, I’m not positive but I feel like the steak was of a slightly better quality than Magdy’s.  This could be all in my head, but I’m going to put it out there.  Magdy’s is made from the bologna of steak, and while it’s tasty and super cheap, it’s not really like eating steak.  The Steak Truck’s meat is a little better.  It’s also only $5 (despite that sign that popped up saying $6 for a short time.)


The closest thing you are going to get to a philly cheese steak in Midtown is Carl’s (on 3rd Ave. btw. 34+35th), but unlike Magdy’s who put slices of American cheese on their subs, the Steak Truck does offer American cheese in squeezable form- a fact that I’m sure will excite many of you.  Finally, the most distinguishing aspect of the sandwich is the flavor.  Much like the burger at Carnegie John’s is improved by grilling it on the same flat top as his chicken and lamb, the steak on the Steak Truck gets most of its flavor from the grille.  The Steak Truck sells chicken and lamb over rice, and you can taste those spices in the sandwich.  So, if you like your steak and cheese tasting like it came off of a halal truck, and don’t mind too much bread, the Steak Truck’s version is going to be right up your alley.

As mediocre as it was, it was a perfect pit stop for my Tad’s finish line.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • The steak seems a little more like steak, and a little less like bologna than Magdy’s
  • I like my steak and cheese tasting like it came off a halal truck
  • I need my cheese in liquid form
  • The sandwich is big, especially for $5

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • It’s not as good as Carl’s (or Magdy’s for that matter, which is only one block away)
  • Way too much bread for the amount of meat you get
  • I don’t like my cheesesteaks tasting like Middle Eastern spices


The Steak Truck, Park Avenue & 47th Street


  • What is pictured in the round foil dish? Steak frites with ketchup???

  • ‘Working out’ to get in shape for Tad’s. You’re a good man Zach. good luck with that!

  • Hahahahaha…. man, I don’t know, is it worth it to you to eat at Tad’s? I mean, it was a dare, but you don’t HAVE to do it… what do you lose if you don’t? Don’t do it… don’t…

  • Haha! You go to Tads and I’ll go to the strip club buffet. We’ll see what we catch!

  • Zach, Please post a heads-up before you attempt the Main Event at Tad’s. I’d seriously like to join you. (I’ll leave it to my psychiatrist to discern my motivation here…)

  • If you’re really going to eat at Tad’s, permit me to recommend an amuse bouche of pepto-bismol and an appetizer of immodium?

  • If you want to make a real Midtown Lunch-Olympics connections, somebody’s got to try eating like Michael Phelps for a day. Start training for this:

    Breakfast: Three fried egg sandwiches; cheese; tomatoes; lettuce; fried onions; mayonnaise; three chocolate-chip pancakes; five-egg omelette; three sugar-coated slices of French toast; bowl of grits; two cups of coffee
    Lunch: Half-kilogram (one pound) of enriched pasta; two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread; energy drinks
    Dinner: Half-kilogram of pasta, with carbonara sauce; large pizza; energy drinks

  • I think DocChuck will ask you for a fee for the use of “if that excites you” in this piece, Zach. Naturally, having now seen your picture, he may be willing to barter for services in lieu of cash.

  • Mamacita, please post a heads-up before you attempt the strip club buffet. I’d seriously like to join you. (I’ll leave it to Bossman to discern my motivation here…)

  • “Connection” not “connections,” sorry.

  • Zach, let me know if you need a coach. I’ve eaten my way through the greasiest diners of St. Louis, which should put Tad’s to shame (see Eat-Rite Diner on the corner of Choteau and 7th). After training I am more than happy to cheer you on as you eat a Tad’s steak, though my competing days are behind me.

  • I bet that big-boned chick in the photo is reaching for a Diet Coke


  • IF the Girls do the strip club buffet the lads should do…………Queue @ treatstruck, on a friday……dressed as the village people.All ordering Fudgecookies.

  • Freakin’ Tads!
    It was 99¢ when I ate there a few times after spending hours at the 42nd St Library….30+ years ago
    It was OK and a great deal with the baked potato

  • I don’t like what I see as “Tad’s Bashing” here…. Is it Smith and Wolenskys? No! It’s not supposed to be. It has a certain, shall we say charm, that is unique…. Make sure you have them smother everything on your plate (and I do suggest the T-Bone) with the buttery sauce. Especially the piece of Garlic Bread. Also, get the onions on the steak and pay for the sourcream for the baked potato….

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