The Steak Truck Busts Out Its Foot Long


It’s been awhile since the monstrosity known as “The Steak Truck” (on Park & 47th) has been mentioned here on the site.  I was not impressed with their burgers, but the steak is not terrible (especially considering it’s under $10 and comes with sides and a drink.)  They seem to have added a few other things, like a fried chicken cutlet sandwich that looked intriguing- but the thing that caught my eye was the sign in the front window.  Foot long philly-cheese-steak-hero $4.99?  Hello!  Could it be that Magdy’s Steak and Cheese cart one block over, may have some competition?

Anybody try this thing yet?  Feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments…


  • Steak Truck would kick the Treats Truck arse in a fight.

    ………as the the treats truck patrons run away …….screaming.

  • I dunno Mr.Ruddy Duddy…. Us Treats Truckers have a secret weapon.. Ninja Stars that double as Swirly Dots! What’s a steak trucker gonna do to us? Slap us with some overcooked “ribeye”?

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