Steak Truck Implements Fastest Price Hike Ever

Now this is ridiculous.  On Thursday of last week (that is 3 business days ago for anybody who needs help with the counting) I posted about the sign on “The Steak Truck” (on Park Ave. and 47th) advertising a $4.99 foot long steak and cheese sub.  Yesterday, I walked by again- and the sign had been replaced with this:


Shame on you Steak Truck.  Still haven’t tried it though… and now I’m not sure I want to.  (Yes, I pout.  And yes, I hold grudges.)

A photo of last week’s Steak Truck, after the jump…



  • Haha I like how you refuse to call it a Philly cheesesteak. Rightfully so, but it struck me as amusing :)

  • Zach, you should have scared the living bejesus out of these Steak Truck Hucksters and told them you were a DOH price inspector (flashing a pack of Chesterfields a la Jake Blues) and that a $1 price hike in a week meant they were obligated to mandatory DOH, IRS and INS inspections.

    And then call me to help you eat your way out of the mountain of free steak subs you get buried by

  • Sorry for the anon above Zach, but even the best of us have to clear the porn from our cache on occasion

  • Really? Oh shit…. gotta run.

  • Much better…. thanks.

  • I tried the newly priced $5.99 cheesesteak — while very flavorful (I went with the white+hot sauce), they was not a lot of meat in it. Also I asked for peppers and onions and the whole shebang came to $7. The steak was seemingly actual steak chopped up in chunks and not steakums like most places serve. It probably have been a homerun with more meat, as their hot sauce is very different and really gave the sandwich a unique flavor.

    The normal $5.99 job comes with mushrooms, so maybe if you get mushrooms the sandwich would be bulkier. I’ll probably go back for some type of meat over rice with that hot sauce…

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