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Check Out Gourmet 53′s Mexican “Inspired” Sandwiches

Please welcome our newest ML contributor the fold… Anna L.  She was profiled a few weeks ago, and we liked her so much we offered her a gig! Today, she lets us know about the new Mexican “inspired” sandwiches from Gourmet 53.

The coconut shrimp at Gourmet 53 is the stuff that Midtown Lunch dreams are made of, but did you know that they also have Mexican inspired sandwiches on the menu as well? They’ve actually had them for awhile but for some reason I haven’t bothered to try one until now. Carefully constructed with top-quality ingredients these are not, but they will certainly satisfy anybody looking for a cheap, delicious, and different sandwich (plus extras, but more on that later).

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Thanksgiving Comes Early at Cafe Hestia

Cafe Hestia

Well some of you may or may not know that I love adding cranberries to burgers, so it she be no surprise that while walking by Cafe Hestia (3rd btw 43+44th) a sign for a $6 Thanksgiving sandwich caught my eye. Cafe Hestia looks like any other Pret A Manger or Cosi or Europa in Midtown. But besides sandwiches and salads they do serve ramen and bibimbap. But how did Thanksgiving taste in the middle of September? I wanted to find out…

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Mooncake Foods Tofu Banh Mi is a Vegetarian Treat

Ever since Mooncake Foods opened in my hood, it’s been a reliable Midotown lunch and dinner option – the food is fairly priced, filling, and while it won’t blow you away, it’s consistently tasty. As much as it may irk my ML overlord, Zach Brooks, I’ll push one of the healthier items on their menu, the tofu banh mi ($8).

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Swissmaker Pretzel Shop Replaces Teriyaki Boy on 7th

While Terakawa Ramen is gobbling up multiple former Teriyaki Boy locations, another restaurant has moved into the old 7th Ave. location next to Pearls. It’s Swissmaker (7th ave. btw 48+49th) and it’s a very Times Square-y (aka touristy) place that advertises pretzels, sandwiches and a variety of sweets. It would be easy to mourn the loss of Teriyaki Boy, condemn this gussied-up Auntie Anne’s and move on, but we’re not ones to judge a restaurant by its exterior here at Midtown Lunch, so I went in for a closer look.
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Manhattan Espresso Cafe Serves a Decent BLT

Manhattan Espresso Cafe While on the quest to find a spot for a good cup of coffee (I know I could just walk into one of the many delis in the area for a cup of $1 coffee but once in awhile you want something better), I discovered Manhattan Espresso Cafe on 49th btw. Lex+3rd. After digging a little further, I realized that besides having coffee, pastries and donuts they have sandwiches as well. I decided to check this place out and see whats up.

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Bouchon Bakery’s Roast Pork Sandwich is Worth the Splurge

bouchon_rock centerEver since Bouchon Bakery opened earlier this year, I’ve been having fun eating through the menu of sandwiches and sweets. I’d previously declared their tuna niçoise to be a fine sandwich, and I recently decided to splurge a bit for the slow roasted pork sandwich on a Dutch crunch roll ($11.25).

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Earl of Sandwich to Open on 52nd Street

Earl of Sandwich Exterior

As Times Square promised last year, the Earl of Sandwich is coming to Midtown and Lunch’er David tipped us off to the plywood that is now up on 52nd street, between 5th and 6th ave. He actually thought it might have taken over the Yips space, but thankfully for fans of crappy Chinese food it didn’t- Yips is still open.  Based off of the reader comments (and possible shills), the product here seems to be comparable to, if not better than Quiznos. So for fans of fast food chain sandwiches and lunchers looking for an upgrade over Quiznos, looks like its time to get excited(?) Unless of course Potbelly opens first...

Abitino’s Pizza to Offer $2.99 Sandwich Special in July

Abatinos Exterior

We’ve never found any particular reason to pay a visit to Abatino’s Pizza, which is a local slice chain with 6 locations around New York city including Terminal 8 at the JFK airport, and bears a striking resemblance to other non-noteworthy names, Sbarro, Famous Famiglia and the like. However, the location at 944 Eighth Ave (between 55th & 56th St) emailed us, asking to inform ML readers that they’ll be pricing all of their sandwiches at $2.99, all day on July 11th, 18th & 25th. Although the reviews on Yelp aren’t promising, if anyone’s tried the food here, please let us know in the comments if this $2.99 sandwich special is something to get excited about.

Num Pang Midtown Opens Tomorrow (With Two New Sandwiches!)


Long before I was Flatiron Lunching, I was making special trips to Union Square to get to Num Pang’s original 12th Street location. Their Cambodian sandwiches aren’t just a twist on the Banh Mi we’ve all come to love. Instead they use the similar flavors as a jumping off point to play with ingredients from pork belly to mackerel in fun and interesting ways. When I found out that a new branch was opening on 41st btw. Lex+3rd (not 10 blocks from my office) I was psyched. The new shop opens tomorrow, but they did a preview on Tuesday as a test run of their ordering system, and we couldn’t help but go check it out.

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Sunrise Mart Makes a Pretty Good Sandwich


I’ll admit, that when I first heard that Sunrise Mart was coming to Midtown, I was excited more for the grocery options than for the lunch items. I’d always loved the selection of hard to find Japanese ingredients at the East Village location and was psyched to have them so close to the office. Jeremiah’s opening report and later Donny’s review of the Oyakodon got my attention, so when I stopped in a couple weeks ago to do a little shopping, I was sure to scope out the rest of the menu.

With all the great Japanese food on the menu, what surprised me was how many interesting sandwiches were available. I decided to take a closer look and sample a few of them. Check them out after the jump.

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