Abitino’s Pizza to Offer $2.99 Sandwich Special in July

Abatinos Exterior

We’ve never found any particular reason to pay a visit to Abatino’s Pizza, which is a local slice chain with 6 locations around New York city including Terminal 8 at the JFK airport, and bears a striking resemblance to other non-noteworthy names, Sbarro, Famous Famiglia and the like. However, the location at 944 Eighth Ave (between 55th & 56th St) emailed us, asking to inform ML readers that they’ll be pricing all of their sandwiches at $2.99, all day on July 11th, 18th & 25th. Although the reviews on Yelp aren’t promising, if anyone’s tried the food here, please let us know in the comments if this $2.99 sandwich special is something to get excited about.


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    I’ve only eaten from a UES one, but at that one at least I’d say the chicken parm subs are perfectly fine at normal prices and would be well worth the $3.

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    Again, what’s the deal with the “chain” bias? I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of places like Sbarro (although Famiglia is severely underrated here), but given how crappy pizza is in midtown, I don’t know if chains should fail the way an Outback would to Peter Luger’s, for instance. There are definitely midtown pizzerias that are inferior to the big chains.

    Even Previti, the “Midtown Lunch Pizza of the Year” and a pretty damn good slice, would pale in comparison to the average pizza joint in my NEW JERSEY hometown.

    • Sorry, I should clarify that the chain bias is purely personal, and may not reflect the overall opinion of Midtown lunch.

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        While we’re at it, can we get a definition of a “chain”? Abitino’s is a chain with 6 locations…that’s the same number as Luke’s Lobster if you include the truck. They definitely have fewer locations than Two Boots. I hardly see any of these places matching up with Sbarros.

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        I appreciate the disclaimer, but it kind of does apply to Midtown Lunch, doesn’t it?

        You can’t possibly like Chipotle over a more localized Mexican business here, can you?

        And while I’ve pointed this out before, I still crack up about the comment in the ML Awards regarding Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: How could you vote for FG? It’s a chain…and it’s not even from NY!!!!

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        And, yeah, frankly, I wouldn’t even consider something like Abitino’s a “chain” (the same way I don’t consider something as poor as Bravo’s a “chain”) but I realize that there’s going to be an automatic bias if there are multiple locations.

        I mean, even Tri-Tip, which to my knowledge doesn’t have any other locations with that name (certainly in NY). It’s a Midtown Lunch FAVORITE, and yet there always has to be a disclaimer “even though it’s a chain” or “for a chain” or something to that effect.

  • They might be a chain, but the one on 2nd Ave and 39th(?) makes really good chicken parm and meatball parm sandwiches. My Italian husband, who’s super-picky, loves both of these.

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    I’m not mad @ a $2.99 price tag. Not at all.

  • Bcantor–what town would that be? And what place are you referring to in particular?

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      Morris County – Mount Olive. Not even a spot that would be known for good pizza, but nearly every joint there tops the ones here–the two Little Italies, for instance.

  • They are more local slice shop then chain like sbarros. Also beside great parm sandwiches they have an awesome artery clogging stromboli.

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    I tried the chicken parm when they first opened hoping for greatness, but is was so bad I didn’t finish it. Dried out chicken, not enough sauce, bun toasted so well it was burnt on the ends. Maybe I would try again at $3, but unlikely.

    Interestingly, I have seen the workers throwing a little party once they shut the lights off at night. Complete with thumping music, and large cans of Corona! They look like they know how to party.

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    Whoops, please ignore that link

  • Anyone checking it out today?

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    The store on 2nd Ave by 39th had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the special. I was there around 1:10.

  • choices were–

    frank pooch: salami, pepperoni, ham capicolla, provolone, tomato, basil, oil vinegar (sic)
    kimmy gooch: roasted turkey, mozzarella, roasted peppers, olive tapenade
    john hootie: roasted portabello, red peppers, basil pesto spread
    tony boo boo: fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, fresh basil leaves, balsamic reduction
    vinnie shack: pesto grilled chicken, provolone, baby spinach, sun-dried tomato spread

    i had the vinnie shack, except with cajun chix as i didn’t see pesto (prob ran out by 3:30). could’ve also had plain or breaded. sandwich was heated. unremarkable, but you would do worse for $3

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