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S’Barro Files Bankruptcy: We'll try to eek out a little sympathy for fake pizza nationwide today as S'Barro announces its bankruptcy. The Wall Street Journal reports that this is only a debt restructuring and that they will continue serving middling pizza and pasta to tourists and mallrats for the foreseeable future. Still, some of us are holding out hope that it goes the way of the Pizzacone.

Midtown Was Better When the Fat Boys were Around

Saw this video in the ML forums and just had to post it for everybody to see.  The Fat Boys… in Midtown… at an all you can eat buffet… for $3.99!  Amazing.  I saw Krush Groove years ago, and am a huge Disorderlies fan (how could you not be), but the Sbarro’s all you can eat scene takes on a whole new significance after lunch’ing in Midtown for 4 years.  It’s too bad Sbarro’s sucks now.  (Although $4 all you can eat is probably the one thing that would get me into that place…) Thanks to Lunch’er “Wellerfan” for sharing.

Check out the video after the jump.

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