Midtown Was Better When the Fat Boys were Around

Saw this video in the ML forums and just had to post it for everybody to see.  The Fat Boys… in Midtown… at an all you can eat buffet… for $3.99!  Amazing.  I saw Krush Groove years ago, and am a huge Disorderlies fan (how could you not be), but the Sbarro’s all you can eat scene takes on a whole new significance after lunch’ing in Midtown for 4 years.  It’s too bad Sbarro’s sucks now.  (Although $4 all you can eat is probably the one thing that would get me into that place…) Thanks to Lunch’er “Wellerfan” for sharing.

Check out the video after the jump.

Tribute to Midtown Lunch


  • I would go to Sbarro’s if they had a $3.99 buffet. Too bad that buys you like 1 specialty slice?

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    Wow…from 1985…did anybody catch the old-time bus passing by outside toward the end of the video? I couldn’t spot any of the other stores on the video in Times Square…was anyone able to see? I did note the subway station with the diamond (express) N train and the R train (which I believe at that time went to Astoria before the N and R trains switched terminals).

  • Props to Wellerfan for the original post in the forums, saw the original forum posting and now plan on digging around my parent’s house for my old adiddas shelltoes with the fat laces.

  • spotted Tad Steaks in the background at 1:30

  • Let’s not forget that 10 years after stuffing his face in Krush Groove, The Human Beat Box was dead from obesity related issues. A Midtown Lunch cautionary tale if there ever was one.

  • Thanks Pigiron you sure are a box of fun.

  • Thanks Zach for giving the Fat Boys their due props on the front page! As an original member of the Fat Boys Fan Club–yes, I have the original certificate somewhere in my parents house–nothing makes me prouder! HBB lives forever somewhere inside all of us ML’ers!!!!!

  • ha, they are from my neighborhood. A girl I worked with dated one of them! She was the first person I knew to make a call from a car, lol

  • I love old videos of NYC in the 80′s!

    does the Sbarro sign say “Sbarro & bakery”? What is the sign above it (“ASTR”)? I see Tad’s, something called Leighton’s, in the background. I think I also see a 25c peep show in the back, too.

    I’m going to walk by that station entrance tonight and see what has remained the same – pretty sure the row of stores in the background is where the Lehman Bros. building is now.

  • *sigh* I miss the old days when music videos were fun and goofy and not overproduced. Good eye for the Tad’s, weller!

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