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Earl of Sandwich to Open on 52nd Street

Earl of Sandwich Exterior

As Times Square promised last year, the Earl of Sandwich is coming to Midtown and Lunch’er David tipped us off to the plywood that is now up on 52nd street, between 5th and 6th ave. He actually thought it might have taken over the Yips space, but thankfully for fans of crappy Chinese food it didn’t- Yips is still open. ┬áBased off of the reader comments (and possible shills), the product here seems to be comparable to, if not better than Quiznos. So for fans of fast food chain sandwiches and lunchers looking for an upgrade over Quiznos, looks like its time to get excited(?) Unless of course Potbelly opens first...

The McRib Going National In November?: The internet is abuzz today after a Wall Street Journal article revealed that McDonald's elusive, and quite possibly magical, McRib sandwich will be available nationwide for the first time in 16 years starting Nov. 2. If anything can get me excited for a trip to McDonald's, it's the combination of tangy BBQ sauce, onions, pickles and a nondescript, amorphous protein.