Rock Center Also Getting a Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly sandwich shop

Looks like Downtown isn’t the only area getting a Potbelly Sandwich Shop. A recent walk down to the Rock Center Concourse revealed that another location of the Chicago based chain should be “coming soonish.” Chicagoans, should we be excited or is this just another Subway substitute? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)


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    As a former Chicagoan, I’d saw excitement is the proper response. Potbelly’s is closer to Jimmy Johns than to Subway.

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      But Jimmy Johns also sucks.

      • I have probably had more Jimmy Johns and Potbelly sandwiches than anyone else on ML, so I can say with certainty that Jimmy John’s has amazing bread, and quality meats (specifically ham, salami, capicola).

        Care to elaborate on how they suck?

  • It’s better than Subway, but not by much. It’s a giant corporate chain that is trying to appear that it’s not. Like all the other chains, there’s nothing fresh or local used- everything is shipped in from mega-distribution centers. And the food is PACKED with unneccesary sodium. I saw the inner-workings of one of these places in suburban Illinois, and I was not impressed. It’s closer to an assembly plant than to a kitchen. The food was totally forgettable.

    • I’m trying to preserve my body for the afterlife, pharaoh style. Bring on the salt.

    • yeah, not a fan of Potbelly. I grew up eating this stuff in college, but the quality of their meat reminded me of my highschool cafeteria – which was a nice segue from HS to college, but definitely not something that I appreciate now.

      The tourists keep this one.

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    Visited one of their ‘outlets’ a few years ago. Just what NYC needs: a mediocre sandwich place that falls somewhere between Subway and Lenny’s. Can’t wait.

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    As a current Chicagoan, I would not be too excited for a Potbelly to come to town. It’s just an overpriced below average sandwich shop. Having been to NYC, I’d say just go to one of those awesome NY delis that are all over the place. I’d place Potbelly about a nose ahead of Quizno’s, which I don’t like. I’d take subway or Jimmy John’s over potbelly any day of the week. The only upside is that many have live music come in frequently.

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