Earl of Sandwich Invading NYC Next Year

I noticed this large billboard yesterday in Times Square. I’d never heard of Earl of Sandwich before, but apparently it’s a chain of hot  sandwich places started by the actual Earl of Sandwich and Robert Earl, the founder of Planet Hollywood. (Oooooh.  That’s promising!) According to their website there are twelve locations, in such amazing  places as Logan International Airport in Boston, the Downtown Disney Marketplace, and the Port St. Lucie rest stop on the Florida Turnpike. Sounds perfect for Times Square, and sure enough Zagat says they are opening somewhere in Midtown. Has anybody ever eaten at Earl of Sandwich? Is there any reason to be even a little optimistic about this eventual addition to NYC?


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    I had a breakfast sandwich earlier this year from their Planet Hollywood location in Las Vegas. It was…adequate, I’d say. Comparable to something like Quiznos, maybe?

  • chain + huge billboard in Times Square = 1% chance it is good

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    I have always heard that the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney is fantastic. It is also very reasonable compared to most offerings there. I have never gone there because I am always on the Disney dining plan and would rather use a counter service credit on Wolfgang Puck than a sandwich shop.

    As I will be there on Saturday – without the dining plan, maybe we will stop there for lunch to check it out.

    • Why is it that any restaurant that is within any Disney property is given any culinary consideration whatsoever? A chain is a chain, and a chain at Disney will probably be dumbed down to broader American acceptance no matter what.

      Not to mention the fact that any tossed salad deli probably does a better sandwich of any kind anyway for half the price and 100% less evil corporate overlordery.

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    BF and I go to Vegas every year for the 1st round of the NCAA tournament and eat Earl of Sandwich about 15 times throughout the weekend. They aren’t gourmet sandwiches, but they use good ingredients and their bread is delish. Kind of addictive if you ask me.

    I’m personally annoyed because I had the idea to franchise E of S in NYC about 4 years ago, but alas never acted on it :-)

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    Yup! I ate there a couple times when I was in Tampa on a project. There was one by my hotel, and by far was one of the better sandwich places in the area. I would say it’s a step up from quiznos and they use pretty yummy breads

  • I’m just leaving this comment to break up things after three shills in a row.

    Fuck the Earl of Sandwich.

  • If someone likes a chain restaurant they’re a shill?

  • The Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney is AWESOME. LOVED it – and I don’t even like sandwiches ! Their tomato soup is also really good.

    Been missing it ever since I went in Florida.

    Saw the sign up in Times Square a month ago and we standing their with my android phone trying to figure out where it was. Now I know.

    Definitely something to be excited about !

  • Liv?


    Can it be THE Liv?

    If only Rudy were alive to see this…….

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    Never had it before, but it is true that Disney fans seem to love it. Just because it’s a chain, that doesn’t mean it’s awful.

    On the other hand, based on the description given above, it sounds amazingly horrible.

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    I was in Vegas a few months ago. The Sandwichs were really delish. I would recommend. :)

  • Is it really worth it? I wouldn’t know til I actually get to try it.

    FAIL though if they are extremely expensive and pathetically puny.

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    I just had those in Vegas, and they were pretty good. And the sandwiches were just $5.99.

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    my wife and i go to disney about 2 times a year, and the trip is not complete without a trip to the earl. we stop there the last thing before we come home and get an extra sandwich to take with us home (NJ). it kinda makes the trip last longer. and they stay great in a cooler overnight!!

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    I have eaten at the one in Downtown Disney several times- and I have to say, this is WAAAAAYYYYY above Quiznos (BLECH!) and most other chains- I am not one to really go to chain restaurants, but EOS is different- reasonably priced, generous portions, and sooooo yummy!! It’s the bread- it really makes for an amazing sammy! So excited to have one close to home now!!

  • I see it’s coming this Summer 2011 replacing a FedEx Office on 52nd street between 5th and 6th ave (closer to 6th)

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