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Swissmaker Shutters After Just 6 Months

Well, that was fast. Looks like Swissmaker went the way of Teriyaki Boy and has shuttered. Courtesy of the forums, Lunch’er Wade noticed the closing this week and didn’t seem surprised:

Swissmaker is the place that replaced the Teriyaki Boy on 7th Ave. I never understood how they stayed in business. There was almost never anybody in there. I would go in for a pretzel once in a while. I think I saw another customer in there like once or twice. I don’t know how they possibly thought they’d make enough money to stay in a prime two floor storefront on 7th Ave. Anyway, it’s gone.

According to Crain’s the pretzel shop had signed a pretty hefty lease, which would explain their closing possibly due to not enough foot traffic.

Swissmaker, 732 7th Ave (btw. 48+49th), 212-265-2706

Swissmaker Pretzel Shop Replaces Teriyaki Boy on 7th

While Terakawa Ramen is gobbling up multiple former Teriyaki Boy locations, another restaurant has moved into the old 7th Ave. location next to Pearls. It’s Swissmaker (7th ave. btw 48+49th) and it’s a very Times Square-y (aka touristy) place that advertises pretzels, sandwiches and a variety of sweets. It would be easy to mourn the loss of Teriyaki Boy, condemn this gussied-up Auntie Anne’s and move on, but we’re not ones to judge a restaurant by its exterior here at Midtown Lunch, so I went in for a closer look.
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