Bouchon Bakery’s Roast Pork Sandwich is Worth the Splurge

bouchon_rock centerEver since Bouchon Bakery opened earlier this year, I’ve been having fun eating through the menu of sandwiches and sweets. I’d previously declared their tuna ni├žoise to be a fine sandwich, and I recently decided to splurge a bit for the slow roasted pork sandwich on a Dutch crunch roll ($11.25).

Bochon Bakery roasted pork sandwich

Pig is the star of the show in this sandwich, and they manage to pull out deeply savory and porky notes, with little too no intrusive seasonings or sauces save a thin layer of melty cheese and a few stray pickles. However, the Dutch crunch roll plays a good supporting role, with its slightly sweet, and flakey crumb with a gratifying crackly crust – like the love child between a Southern style biscuit and a fresh baguette. Served warm, it’s outrageously good, certainly worth breaking a $10 lunch budget for.

Bouchon Bakery, One Rockefeller Plz (on 49th btw. 5+6th), 212-782-3890


  • my pork (today’s post) beats your pork

  • I decided to get this today. Not bad, but was missing a little something. Maybe adding a little spice. Can’t quite put my tounge to it, but I wouldn’t say “outrageously good”. For half the price you can get a tastier Cuban sammi from Margon. I’d only suggest it if you’re truly there for the bakery stuff and want lunch as well.

  • I’m sure that’s good…but what is definitely worth the splurge at Bouchon…the PB&J macron. Had one on Monday, and it was legendary.

  • Eating it now, not impressed.

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    Just had one. Now I kinda feel gross; should’ve shared it with someone. It was definitely lacking something – salt maybe?

  • This sandwich is great. I love the pork and the bread. It has a calorie bomb feel, and it’s very enjoyable.

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