Manhattan Espresso Cafe’s Secret Doughnut Stash

Manhattan Espresso Cafe in the rain

In Kathy YL Chan‘s definitive guide to finding out of bounds sweets (like Doughnut Plant) in Midtown, she gave us good reason to throw money at Oren’s, Joe The Art of Coffee, and Dean & Deluca. But a few days ago, Lunch’er “Mariposa_3676″ pointed out that Oren’s (on 3rd+50th) canceled their Doughnut Plant order for the week because no one is buying!  (Passover maybe?) She checked out Joe’s in GCT too, but nothing there either. It was a grim day for square-shaped doughnut fiends, until…

I had to meet a friend and in an attempt to avoid every Starbucks in Midtown East, I suggested “that hole-in-the-wall on 49th Street that looks like it’s part of a hotel, but it’s not…” aka Manhattan Espresso Cafe (on 49th St. btw. Lex+3rd). Turns out, the place is tiny with only four wobbly bar stools for seating, but my meeting and the iced tea I ordered were excellent. Plus, look what I found:

Doughnut Plant Midtown East variety

Doughnut Plant makes deliveries to Manhattan Espresso Cafe from Tuesday through Friday every week and there is quite the selection (DP is closed Mondays). People who love amazing doughnuts in Midtown East – rejoice!

Manhattan Espresso Cafe, 146 E 49th St., 212-832-3010


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