The new location of Joe and the Art of Coffee is scheduled to open tomorrow (6/11) in the graybar passage of Grand Central (enter off of Lex).  But according to an email they sent to “regular customers” they’ll be doing a “dress rehearsal” from 4 to 6pm today (Tuesday, 6/10) where they’ll be serving FREE coffee drinks and snacks.” 

Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie, the tip came courtesy of Tina “The Wandering Eater“.


  • Another expensive pretentious coffee place in midtown! Yay!

  • It’s definitely not a pretentious coffee place.

    Sure, coffee geeks/snobs like (or love) this place but it exponentially better than Starbuck’s awful coffee and lattes and it’s worth what you’re paying for. I no longer have to go downtown for my cup of morning coffee.

  • Going downtown for a cup of morning coffee = Pretentious

  • Joe’s is seriously fine coffee. (This, from broken-down former hippie, one-time resident of East Sixth Street, currently living in Washington Heights.)

  • Anything on coffee menu and any snack you want from muffins to scones….FREEEE

  • Finding a decent cup of coffee in midtown is harder than it seems. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that if you’re going to pay $1.50 for a cup of coffee that it be fairly fresh, not watered down, and not totally burned or bitter. I had to give up sugar and cream in my coffee and care a lot more about the quality of the coffee now.

    I’ve made the request before, but are there any really good cups of coffee around 42nd and Bdwy?

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