Thanksgiving Comes Early at Cafe Hestia

Cafe Hestia

Well some of you may or may not know that I love adding cranberries to burgers, so it she be no surprise that while walking by Cafe Hestia (3rd btw 43+44th) a sign for a $6 Thanksgiving sandwich caught my eye. Cafe Hestia looks like any other Pret A Manger or Cosi or Europa in Midtown. But besides sandwiches and salads they do serve ramen and bibimbap. But how did Thanksgiving taste in the middle of September? I wanted to find out…

Cafe Hestia

The Thanksgiving sandwich is a pretty serious sandwich. It’s about a foot long, overstuffed with turkey meat  that I watched the guy behind the counter jamming into the bread.  Of course there was also the layer of cranberry relish, lettuce, and tomato as well. I thought the cranberry relish was pretty good. It added some sweetness to the sandwich but a little bit more relish would’ve been perfect. I did appreciate the amount of turkey meat that was stuffed into the sandwich but it was all white meat (aka kind of dry.)

Besides the Thanksgiving sandwich there were few other interesting sounding sandwiches that I’d like to try (I’m looking at you Honey Bunch and Chicken Holiday!)  Any big fans of Cafe Hestia out there?  Let us know what you order in the comments…

Cafe Hestia, 686 3rd Ave btw 43+44th (212) 808-8245


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