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A Quick Look at the Bryant Park Malaysian Winter Market


When I arrived at the two-day Malaysian Winter Market on the 6th Avenue side of Bryant Park yesterday, it felt as packed as I hear those Malaysian markets get. Everyone was definitely there for the food (and shelter from the wind) and you could see from the lines which places everyone thought would be worth it. But instead of hopping blindly on a line, I scoped out the offerings a bit to try to make my best Midtown Lunch determination of what’s worth going back for today.

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Malaysian Winter Market Coming To Bryant Park Later This Month

Mark your calendars! Now that the Bryant Park holiday shops are gone, something even more interesting is on its way to that space later in February. A Malaysian Winter Market will take over on February 20 and 21, featuring signature Malaysian dishes and traditional food products for under $8 from a variety of restaurants and vendors including Fatty Crab, Laut, New Malaysia Restaurant, Nyonya, Penang, Bentara Restaurant in Connecticut and more. Although the market will be open all day, lunch will be served 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (or until they sell sold out), and they’ll have a dinner shift as well.

Today’s the Last Day for the Bryant Park Holiday Market: After today it will be a year before you'll be able to taste Daisy's Grits or noodles from Crepe CafĂ© in Midtown. The Holiday Market at Bryant Park closes up shop after today and takes all the great food vendors with them. We documented the food options in our holiday video, so be sure to check it out before heading out to eat today. The crowds are mostly gone, so you can enjoy your arepa or churro in peace today.

Video Break: Learning to Shop (and Eat) at the Bryant Park Holiday Market

If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, Clay and I put together this video as a guide on how to shop for the big holiday season. The Bryant Park Holiday Market is convenient and has diverse gift possibilities. Problem is there is some serious distraction at the holiday market. And it comes in the form of lunch. Check out the video after the jump…

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Dough is the Best Reason To Go To Bryant Park


As we slowly go through the food options at this year’s Bryant Park Holiday Shops, we need to stop everything and discuss something. Doughnuts. Specifically, the ones from Dough. On the 40th Street side, in a kiosk between the Southwest Porch and the ‘wichcraft ice cream/hot chocolate kiosk, lies the best little booth filled with fresh doughnut goodness. Midtowners, this is win to the nth degree.

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Daisy’s Grits Are A Warm Welcome At The Bryant Park Holiday Shops

I don’t know of many spots in Midtown that offer grits at lunchtime, so Daisy’s Grits at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops may have the market cornered this winter with their many options of sweet, savory and cheesy grits. The menu is surprisingly vast and even surprising, and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to have a hard time making up your mind between cheese grits, Colombian chorizo, shrimp-n-grits, Cantonese spinach … I told you, the list is unexpected.
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Crepe Cafe Offers Asian Noodles At The Bryant Park Holiday Shops??

Now that we’re starting to return to normal eating here in Midtown, I finally made it to the Bryant Park Holiday Shops last week, which had closed for a time due to Sandy but are back open once again. On my initial walk around the park, I was surprised to find that Crepe Cafe, which I would assume to be a pretty self-explanatory booth, also offered a menu of Asian noodles. So, I changed my eating plans (I had been anticipating a lovely savory crepe) and decided to check out the potentially bizarre. Actually, it ended up being a very healthy portion of food in the end, and a fairly decent bowl of noodles on a cold day.
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Bryant Park Holiday Market Returns Tomorrow

It’s that time of year again. Preparations have been underway for the past several days, and now, the holiday shops at Bryant Park open tomorrow. Mmm…Enfes, TopArepa and Wafels & Dinges all return to the park, but I’m excited to try Strudels and Pies by Hans (pies) and La Churreria (churros). Yum. The official site is a little hard to use, but they’ve listed the food options listed so far. See you there!

Watch The Olympics In Bryant Park

The Southwest Porch in Bryant Park is getting in on the Olympics action, offering up their brand new 55-inch screen for those who would like to get their Olympics fix. You can stop by during your lunch break to check out the action and eat a burger, and while you’re there, you may want to partake in their “Guess the Gold” game. Make your gold medal predictions via ballots available at the porch for a chance to win a pair of tickets on Southwest Airlines. Check out the Bryant Park blog for more info on how to enter, as well as the viewing schedule (it’s not daily).

Lunch Hour NYC Brings Food Trucks to 5th Ave.

Lunch Hour NYC at NYPL

Have you gone to the new exhibit at New York Public Library, “Lunch Hour NYC,” yet?! Well, starting today you’ll have all the more reason to: the Library has teamed up with the Food Truck Association to bring food trucks back to the Bryant Park area! The trucks are going to be parked on Fifth Avenue towards 40th Street, right outside the public plaza in front of the Schwarzman Building. The Monday to Friday schedule features Mexicue, Schnitzel & Things, Red Hook Lobster Pound (today), Rickshaw Dumplings (tomorrow), and Eddie’s Pizza (on Friday.) The trucks should be parked from 11am to 3pm, with a portion of the sales going towards Bryant Park and NYPL.