Dough is the Best Reason To Go To Bryant Park


As we slowly go through the food options at this year’s Bryant Park Holiday Shops, we need to stop everything and discuss something. Doughnuts. Specifically, the ones from Dough. On the 40th Street side, in a kiosk between the Southwest Porch and the ‘wichcraft ice cream/hot chocolate kiosk, lies the best little booth filled with fresh doughnut goodness. Midtowners, this is win to the nth degree.


The doughnuts have been available at Culture Espresso Bar (on 38th btw. 5+6th), but this little kiosk has a leg up. It’s offering the entire line of doughnuts. You want the regular hibiscus or earl grey? Or do you want the seasonal pumpkin or cheesecake with graham cracker crumbs?!!!! The doughnuts are around the same price as elsewhere–$3.25 each. But the light, fluffy pillows of dough make it worth the price tag. The first time I stopped by, the kiosk was on a break, but the second time, it was open and sporting a decent line. Both times I had gone in the early afternoon, so don’t be worried about losing out on the fried goodness since you were running late in the morning.


As for doughnuts I recommend, can I say all of them? I haven’t had a bad one yet though my current favorite is the hibiscus–it’s a little citrusy and floral, and has hot pink icing. The kiosk also has cookies ($2.50) and croissants ($3).

Bryant Park Holiday Shops,


  • And the Falafarrito at Vegetarian Oasis. Go get one. I think I’ll grab one of these donuts too.

  • I know, I know…this is New York and it’s an expensive city and it’s always been that way blahblahblah….but I still have a hard time paying $3.25 for a freaking doughnut.

  • Another overpriced joint. Save couple of bucks and get yourself a Dunkin Donut instead of this hipster BS.

  • I like Dunkin Donuts but these doughnuts are bigger and lighter. And quite honestly, I think they taste better. Not saying that $3.25 isn’t pricey but there is a difference in the quality of doughnuts.

    • You get like 12 donuts at DD’s for like $7-$8, and you choose the ones you want. I like crullers, eclairs, boston cremes and apple-cinnamon ones.

  • I hate donuts, but these are pretty good!
    I like Doughnut Plant better though.

    If you are going to Bryant Park, don’t forget Chocolate by the Bald Man! So delicious!

  • Their doughnuts are freaking awesome but I have yet to buy at this location. I enjoy these MUCH better than the plant’s offerings (since I really only like their blackout and I’m not a cake donut person. Their yeast donuts are not to my liking.)

    $3.25 is a lot but Bed-Stuy a far trip away. I’d have to buy a bunch to make the voyage worth it…

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