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Post Blizzard, Culture Espresso Bulks Up Its Meat Hook Menu


Remember that epic, historic blizzard that we experienced a few weeks ago? Yeah, the only thing I remember about it was that it was the same day that Culture Espresso debuted their Meat Hook sandwiches. Thanks to faulty weather forecasts, the sandwich debut got off to a very slow start.

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Culture Espresso Now Serving Meat Hook Sandwiches

For those who are ignoring the weather forecast and went into work today, you can be the first to have a taste of The Meat Hook’s sandwiches in Manhattan. The Williamsburg butcher and sandwich shop is supplying Culture Espresso with some of their critically-acclaimed sandwiches. Today is a test run so they are only offering The Italian (pepperoni, mortadella, soppresatta, and mozzerella) and a Vegan option that is comprised of a bunch of pickled vegetables, vegetable spreads, etc.

Today is just a test run at the 38th Street location. They won’t be a permanent fixture until next week, once the blizzard passes through.  So go stock up on the sandwiches now before we get pummeled with all this snow and have to hibernate in our offices.

Culture Espresso, 72 West 38th Street (btw 5+6th). 212-302-0200

Brooklyn’s DOUGH Doughnuts Now Available in Midtown!

Culture Espresso

Culture Espresso continues to give me more reasons to love them. First, their awesome freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, then they started “importing” SCRATCHbread scones from Brooklyn and now they are getting deliveries of my favorite doughnuts in the city. That’s right you can get Dough doughnuts in midtown! Read more »

You Can Get SCRATCHbread Scones at Culture

Culture Espresso

SCRATCHbread has quite a following in Brooklyn, but there are few places that you can get their goodies in Manhattan. Fortunately midtown has become one of them. Now in addition to good sandwiches, cold brew ice coffee, and awesome chocolate chip cookies, you can also get SCRATCHbread scones at Culture Espresso Bar (on 38th btw. 5+6th). Read more »

Culture Espresso Rocks Cold Brew Iced Coffee and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Culture Espresso
Zach originally wrote up Culture Espresso Bar back in ’09 and while I had it on my general radar, it took last week’s midtown cold brew snub (or brew-ha-ha, if you will) to inspire me to head south to check them out. Read more »

NYT Discovers Culture Espresso Bar: We're big fans of the sandwiches and coffee at the Culture Espresso Bar (on 38th btw. 5+6th), so we were excited to see them mentioned in the New York Times today (even though Oliver Strand called their sandwich menu dated.)  Anybody serving stuff on Sullivan St. Bakery bread is alright in our book!

Culture Espresso Bar is Perfect if You Don’t Feel Like Trekking to Sullivan Street Bakery

When Culture Espresso Bar opened on 38th and 6th back in July it was notable for coffee drinkers because they served Intelligentsia.  But it turns out it’s notable for us eaters as well.  Not only do they serve coffee and a small selection of pastries, but they also have sandwiches.  And while I’m normally not super into pre-made, fancy coffee shop sandwiches, these have a trump card that will always get me: they’re all made on bread from Sullivan St. Bakery.  Oh, and they happen to be pretty tasty too.

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Culture Espresso Bar Brings Intelligentsia to Midtown

Culture Espresso Bar

Clearly I don’t really know that much about coffee, considering I’m addicted to Tim Hortons iced cappuccino, but I do know this… when I went to Chicago last year, I went to Intelligentsia and it was really good.  So I’m guessing coffee fanatics in the area will be excited to hear that the newly opened Culture Espresso Bar (in the old Starwich location on 6th Ave. and 38th Street) is now open, and they are using Intelligentsia coffee.  They also have a nice selection of baked goods from various NYC bakeries like Sullivan St. Bakery & Ceci Cela (although if the Treats Truck is parked on 38th & 5th, like they are today, I’d hit that up instead.)  Now if we could only get some Stumptown up in here…  (did that just make it sound like I know what I’m talking about?)

Culture Espresso Bar, 72 West 38th Street (btw. 5+6th)