Where To Get Cold Brewed Coffee In Midtown

Last week Eater published a guide to cold brewed coffee in NYC, and we noted that the closest venue to Midtown was Stumptown in the Ace Hotel (on 29th Street.)  Not so says Lunch’er Chris in the comments… you can also get cold brewed coffee at Culture Espresso Bar (on 38th btw. 5+6th) and Lucid Cafe (on 38th & 6th). Anywhere else? Put it in the comments.


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    The Eater article says that the Joe’s in Grand Central serves it.

  • I cna’t believe the ML Team didn’t mention them but Joe the Art of Coffee does have cold-brew.

    You just have to ask for it or it’ll be the regular iced coffee.

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    Jittery Joes, the oft overlooked Georgia chain with an outpost on 45th, does Japanese style cold brew iced coffee.

  • Yep, Joe’s at Grand Central does have it. It’s listed on the board, and I have seen baristas ask customers if they want regular iced or cold brewed and proceed to explain the difference. I was impressed.

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    Jittery Joe’s on 45th between 2nd and 3rd serve Ice Coffee that’s made via a Japanese cold-press method. I don’t know if its the same thing, but it’s quite tasty.

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    Don’t forget the Joyride truck, which parks at 52nd&Lex on Thursdays, and serves cold brew Stumptown.

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    D’esspresso at 317 Madison Ave might have. Though the guy followed up his “yes” with we also have iced coffee, iced latte. Which makes me think he doesn’t know what I’m asking.

  • I <3 cold brewed coffee! Seattle's Best also has cold brewed coffee.

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    Jittery Joe’s is NYC’s best kept coffee secret. They basically do everything right, including excellent cold brewed coffee and french pressed hot coffee.

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    Well… I just got back from Jittery Joe’s. I had a ‘cold brewed’ ice coffee. However, before I left the store I watched the guy behind the counter pouring hot coffee into a pitcher full of ice and then putting it next to the pitcher from which my ‘cold brew’ was poured. wtf? The line was too long for me to ask inquire. I do love their french press coffee and the iced coffee I had was good enough. I am just curious if they really serve a real cold brew.

    • I just called Jittery Joe’s on 45th, before heading over, and they said that they do not do cold brewed coffee. For everyone saying that they do cold brewed.. do you have anything to substantiate this?

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