Culture Espresso Rocks Cold Brew Iced Coffee and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Culture Espresso
Zach originally wrote up Culture Espresso Bar back in ’09 and while I had it on my general radar, it took last week’s midtown cold brew snub (or brew-ha-ha, if you will) to inspire me to head south to check them out.

Not much has changed since Zach’s initial visit. They still brew Intelligentsia and they still serve fancy coffee shop sandwiches made on bread from Sullivan St. Bakery.


I tried the tuna sandwich ($7.50) topped with tomato, house pickles, radishes, and mixed greens. Kind of pricey for a sandwich, but the tuna wasn’t too heavy on the mayo and the sandwich was pretty well stuffed with goodies though mine was missing the housemade pickles (sniffle).

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

The real star of my visit, and the subsequent visits since, was the cold brew iced coffee ($2.95). I love coffee, but I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee aficionado. That said, this iced coffee was strong and super smooth.

Culture Espresso Cookie
It’s best paired with one of their intensely chocolatey housemade chocolate chip cookies ($2.95). The cookies are chewy and chock full of semi-sweet chocolate chips with just a touch of salt.

Inside culture espresso cookie
I understand that they make two batches a day and according to the gentleman that I spoke with, if you get there at around noon or 3:00pm you should be able to score one that’s still hot from the oven. That alone is worth a repeat visit.

Culture Espresso Bar, 72 West 38th Street (btw. 5+6th) 212-302-0200


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    <3 Culture Espresso. Such a treat for us Midtown-Easters. That, and Joe's in Grand Central, but the lines are always so long!

  • my go-to spot on the weekends when I’m dogsitting nearby! They have the most incredible muffins which go wonderfully with their AMAZING coffee. AND great service! A couple weeks ago I went by on a Saturday for some caffeine and coffee and there were repairs going on inside the shop, so the cute guys and girls who work there were standing on the street, taking orders from the sidewalk! That’s probably some kind of code violation, but I found it charming (and a relief bc I was panicked that I’d have to drink Pax coffee)

  • Just got their iced coffee… good stuff!

  • Tried their iced coffee today. I hated it.
    I wanted to love it!
    Good reviews.
    Odd chick with funky eyebrows
    Cool shop

    It was unfortunately the worst iced coffee I have ever had. It was SOUR! Not sure if their half and half had gone bad, or if that is just how it tastes.

    And $3 for a small? Yikes!

    I did see they have Japanese Kyoto iced coffee..the device looks so cool. And another customer got the hand pourover – he was raving about it. I want to try both of these, but reluctant after my “sour” experience.

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