Brooklyn’s DOUGH Doughnuts Now Available in Midtown!

Culture Espresso

Culture Espresso continues to give me more reasons to love them. First, their awesome freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, then they started “importing” SCRATCHbread scones from Brooklyn and now they are getting deliveries of my favorite doughnuts in the city. That’s right you can get Dough doughnuts in midtown!

Dough Doughnuts at Culture

If you follow Blondie and Brownie (or read the Midtown Lunch contributor stalking column) you probably are aware that Dough is my current doughnut obsession. Dough’s doughnuts are yeast raised, soft, pillowy, and seriously addictive. As much as I love Dough, it’s not easy or me to get to Bed Stuy or even the Flea to get my fix, so I’m very excited that Culture is getting Dough deliveries. Right now the doughnuts get delivered on Monday and Friday mornings. They are $3, that’s one buck more than in Brooklyn, but worth it for the convenience in my opinion and on par with what you’d pay for Doughnut Plant doughnuts around midtown.

Dough Coffee and Doughnuts

The early bird definitely gets the doughnut, I arrived a little before 10 on Monday and they were already sold out of my two favorite flavors: Earl Grey Chocolate Frosted and Blood Orange. I still managed to score a Hibiscus Doughnut which washed down with an excellent latte ($4). I think I’m going to be paying a lot more visits to Culture…

Culture Espresso Bar, 72 West 38th Street (btw. 5+6th) 212-302-0200


  • woot!
    Thanks for the info.

  • woah, thats awesome. I highly recommend watching the Food Curated video on DOUGH for serious droolage:

  • You didn’t actually mean that a single doughnut is $3, right?

  • I’m with copyboy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s all artisinal and handmade and eco freindly and all, but three bucks? It’s a friggin donut. Yes, it’s probably just the new reality and yes, I should no longer be shocked by things like $3 donuts and $9 falafel and $30 lobster rolls. I have to accept it, but I don’t have to like it.

    • It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, but they are sizeable doughnuts. Fluffier, but heftier than Doughnut Plant. Definitely bigger and much better than Dunkin. I don’t love the idea of paying $3 for doughnuts either, but I’m willing to make the exception for really good ones.

  • DOUGH is awesome. There is no other donut after that day I had one at the Fort Greene Flea. Totally makes me forget about the Plant. There is only DOUGH.

    The one dollar markup doesn’t make me stay away but they better have transported well from Bed-Stuy.

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    I noticed in the DOUGH food porn video (that Chris H. suggested) that the price of a donut was $2. Did the prices go up since that video was made in March? Or does Culture just mark them up a dollar?

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    Doughnut Plant still rules. And you can taste why these aren’t $1 at DP. Dough, like so many others imitators, owes a huge debt to the original. Culture is one of the best coffee shops in the city, but I think they serve Intelligenstia coffees just like Doughnut Plant does a few blocks away in the Chelsea Hotel.

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    RIP Dough at Culture Espresso. They no longer sell them because Dough increased the minimum order, but the Shop at Andaz on 5 Ave. and 41 St. carries them. They’re marked up more, $3.50 I think.

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