Culture Espresso Bar Brings Intelligentsia to Midtown

Culture Espresso Bar

Clearly I don’t really know that much about coffee, considering I’m addicted to Tim Hortons iced cappuccino, but I do know this… when I went to Chicago last year, I went to Intelligentsia and it was really good.  So I’m guessing coffee fanatics in the area will be excited to hear that the newly opened Culture Espresso Bar (in the old Starwich location on 6th Ave. and 38th Street) is now open, and they are using Intelligentsia coffee.  They also have a nice selection of baked goods from various NYC bakeries like Sullivan St. Bakery & Ceci Cela (although if the Treats Truck is parked on 38th & 5th, like they are today, I’d hit that up instead.)  Now if we could only get some Stumptown up in here…  (did that just make it sound like I know what I’m talking about?)

Culture Espresso Bar, 72 West 38th Street (btw. 5+6th)


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    um….yeah, and delicious baked goods from THIS CHICK BAKES as well.

    Jen…This Chick Bakes, Inc.

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    Their espresso is decent. Not as strong as Ninth Street Espresso, but good for the area. The iced coffee, however, was pretty bad and super watered down. Tim Horton’s is actually a lot stronger. I think the woman there put in way too much ice. Hint to Culture: cut down on the ice or make your brew a LOT stronger.

    Jennurator1, I’ve actually never heard of you (which is probably why Zach didn’t mention your baked goods). Looks like you don’t have a storefront yet, and it is indeed difficult to gain a presence without a store.


    I’d like to report the post 2 up from this one as a blatant self-promoting shill. Not that anyone ever heard of a place called This Chick Bakes, Inc., or would ever patronize a company with such a silly name anyway.


    StevenP’s Awesome Grilled EggBurgers, Ltd., Inc., Pfc., IBM, LBJ, LSD…..

  • btw, props to Zach for spelling “Intelligentsia” correctly! ;)

  • A “shill” is when someone surreptitiously comments positively about a restaurant.

    There’s nothing wrong with self promoting. The schnitzel truck has been doing it for a few weeks now.

    I think it’s good to see vendors being honest with midtown lunch, especially if they’re open to feedback from the readers.

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    Yeah, I don’t think she would qualify as a shill. But if she’s trying to self-promote, a little less sass sure wouldn’t hurt. You can pile on the attitude once you’ve made it big. : )

  • Nothing like shameless promotion. What took Jen this long to get her name and cookies out there?
    Zach hasn’t mention her directly but This Chick Bakes has appeared on ML twice before, when Kathy contributed about The Street Sweets Truck Top 5 and the Bakeries post.

  • Dumb Ass Bakes should be the new name

  • yeah… fuck that lady for letting us know where to find her (probably delicious) baked goods, on a site dedicated to finding good food! (insert sarcastic laugh here.)

    Jeez… you guys were in a pissy mood today. I have to side with Adam Prato on this one.

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    Hey folks,
    Sorry to cause such a ruckus.
    Didn’t mean to come off snotty. Just trying to let people know about our products.
    It is difficult without a storefront, but we’re trying.

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    I was visiting from SF in early July and was very happy to find Culture Espresso.

    I cant really rant with the rest of you on some of the local iced coffee spots, but i will tell you that the espresso they made me on all 4 visits (my office HQ is close by)was absolutely phenomenal.

    I love 9th street and have been there with clients. I did not find one weaker and one stronger. Culture and 9th street both great. I love stumptown. I love ritual and blue bottle (both SF). Intelligentsia is up there with all these. They are all Top 5 in my mind. I always hit up Intelligentsia when in LA. Culture is a great addition to NYC.

    I am happy they are in my hood when visiting the main office!

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    the intelligentsia stuff is great. coffees they’ve been serving are more full-bodied and satisfying than the ones on offer from the big chains around the 30s and 6th area. nice to see a place that cares enough and serves something like this here.

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