Post Blizzard, Culture Espresso Bulks Up Its Meat Hook Menu


Remember that epic, historic blizzard that we experienced a few weeks ago? Yeah, the only thing I remember about it was that it was the same day that Culture Espresso debuted their Meat Hook sandwiches. Thanks to faulty weather forecasts, the sandwich debut got off to a very slow start.


Now that we’ve all recovered from the weather misinformation, I finally got over there to check out the offerings and was pleased to discover an entire display devoted to the sandwiches – directly adjacent to the counter with Dough’s doughnuts. We can really thank Culture for bringing some of Brooklyn’s most delicious things to Midtown.

They now have four sandwich choices (Italian, Vegan, Roast Beef, and Roast Pork), for either $10 or $11. I asked the barista which was his favorite sandwich and he said the Vegan. Maybe one day I’ll give it a try, but if I’m getting a Meat Hook sandwich for the first time, I want some meat. So I chose the Roast Pork.


Even though it’s served cold and pre-wrapped, the sandwich still had a fresh seeded eggy bun and was generously stuffed with meat. Flavorwise, the tonnato (tuna) mayonnaise took center stage. It overwhelmed the sandwich and aside from some crunchy fennel and sweet bursts of spicy raisins, I couldn’t taste much else.


The pork was sliced so thin I might have mistaken it for turkey (it probably doesn’t help that mayo makes my brain think turkey.)  But at the ends of each slice, there was a bit of crisp roasted fat that was mighty tasty and gave those last few bites a great salty, meaty finish.

Even though I was a tiny bit underwhelmed by the roast pork, it’s still exciting to know we have these sandwiches in our neighborhood. Next time, I’ll have to try the Roast Beef. Or maybe I should just listen to the barista and go vegan.

Culture Espresso, 72 West 38th Street (btw 5+6th). 212-302-0200


  • And dough donuts to boot? Not too shabby!

  • I think he was just trained to say ‘vegan’ because it has the highest markup.

    DAMN INFLATION. $11 is a little steep but that sandwich looks awesome.

    I think I could be satisfied splitting that with a co-worker for lunch. Maybe even get a donut afterwards…

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    The dirty little secret of Meat Hook Sandwich is that only one of their sandwiches is any good. (That’s the roast beef sandwich – the cold one, specifically, since they have two kinds at their shop.) Everything else is a skip.

  • Funny, just last night Jamie was saying to me “I need your pork in my tuna” and here it is on a sandwich, looking like the ‘after’ shot

    Love those sesame seeds

  • I hate that I always have to ask for it.

  • Why have I just suddenly lost my appetite?

  • just got the roast beef, was a little put off by their display but sure enough they give you a wrapped one from down below somewhere. tasted suprisingly good considering it must have been prepared at the crack of dawn out in brooklyn. still, I thought $11 was a bit steep but hey, I’m an old school mtler so…

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