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A Quick Look at the Bryant Park Malaysian Winter Market


When I arrived at the two-day Malaysian Winter Market on the 6th Avenue side of Bryant Park yesterday, it felt as packed as I hear those Malaysian markets get. Everyone was definitely there for the food (and shelter from the wind) and you could see from the lines which places everyone thought would be worth it. But instead of hopping blindly on a line, I scoped out the offerings a bit to try to make my best Midtown Lunch determination of what’s worth going back for today.

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Mami PG’s Cooking Offers Authentic Malaysian Lunch Box Delivery to Midtown

I’m thrilled to report — there’s a new way to get your Malaysian food fix in Midtown! I think it will appeal to folks who love both authentic cuisines and great deals. I first heard about Mami PG’s through the blog Eating in Translation a few weeks ago when I read a post about authentic Malaysian “lunch boxes” currently available for delivery to Midtown (as far west as 6th avenue). This is great news for Lunchers who like Malaysian food, as Midtown is almost devoid of the stuff… (although it has popped up here and there over the years).

If you’re not comfortable with a small dose of uncertainty, Mami PG’s Cooking probably isn’t going to be as appealing for you as it is for flexible, adventurous Lunchers. There are many quirks about Mami PG’s Cooking that, in my opinion, make it nothing less than wonderful. Firstly… obtaining your lunch is an adventure in itself. Eating at Mami PG’s takes a little planning and teamwork. It doesn’t have a storefront. It’s not on Seamless or GrubHub. In fact, you can’t just decide you have a hankering for Malaysian food and walk over or call up to order your favorite dish.

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Free Penang All Week in Herald Square

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After weeks of seeing all the ads and tweets and posts about free food from the Malaysian Kitchen truck, I was pretty excited to see that they were spending the week near my office near Herald Square. All week they are serving samples of food from the UWS restaurant Penang, so I stopped by yesterday afternoon to check it out. I was initially put off because of the line. I’d hoped that a dreary day would have scared more people off, but it is free and I was already there, so I stuck around. Turns out that since everyone is getting the same food, the line moved really quickly. I had my food in five minutes.

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