Don’t Forget the Bryant Park Malaysian Fest is Today

A friendly reminder for fans of Malaysian cuisine… the Malaysian Winter Market we told you about last week is coming to Bryant Park today and tomorrow. Malaysian Kitchen NYC will be recreating the street markets of Penang and Kuala Lumpur with $8 dishes from Fatty Crab, Bentara, Laut, among others with demos from Hasni “Jeff” Ghazali of Bentara, Dale Talde of TALDE, and Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab. It opens for lunch at 11:30am and goes until the food runs out.


  • Some coworkers and I tried this out today, and it was great! We arrived at 12:15 and it was already packed with people. The lines for a few of the stalls, especially a place selling sliders, were insane. Most places had noodles, but there were also a few soup options. Fatty Crab’s soup looked good, although their line was too long for me to try it. Most items were in the $5-6 dollar range.

    We tried the noodles from Penang ($6) and from New Malaysia ($5). The Penang noodles were thicker, tubular egg noodles with chicken, tofu, sprouts and potato in what they called a “squid sauce.” It didn’t taste squid-y to me, but it was a little spicy and pretty delicious. The New Malaysia noodles were either rice or bean threads with egg and vegetables, which were kind of plain but tasted great with sriracha. They also had spring rolls stuffed with curried potato, which I didn’t try but my coworkers liked. (Sorry I don’t know any of the Malaysian names for these dishes.)

    It was good enough that tomorrow we will probably go back.

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    I went early and tried ‘Prawn Mee’ from Nyonya. It was amazingly tasty for $5! Aldente rice & egg noodles in flavorful and slightly spicy, piping hot shrimp soup with four decent-sized steamed shrimps for just $5! I strongly recommend it.

    On the other hand, ‘Mee Goreng’ from Bentara was really disappointing. They said ot was supposed to have some seafood in it. All I could see was some squid rings and the noodles were pre-cooked and served… They were luke warm and mushy. This for $7? Disappointing, especially after I tried that impressive ‘Prawn Mee’ from Nyonya.

    I wanted to try some ‘Chili Crab Sliders’ from Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen but by this time the lines were just crazy long ang I gave up.

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