Daisy’s Grits Are A Warm Welcome At The Bryant Park Holiday Shops

I don’t know of many spots in Midtown that offer grits at lunchtime, so Daisy’s Grits at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops may have the market cornered this winter with their many options of sweet, savory and cheesy grits. The menu is surprisingly vast and even surprising, and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to have a hard time making up your mind between cheese grits, Colombian chorizo, shrimp-n-grits, Cantonese spinach … I told you, the list is unexpected.

I really went for it and tried a medium order of the lobster grits ($7.45), the most expensive item on the menu. I didn’t grow up anywhere near the South, so I’m not going to address Southern grits authenticity, but I can tell you this is a very comforting dish to enjoy on a chilly, winter day. Described as Maine lobster in white wine and butter, the grits were topped with some spices, chives and a sprinkling of cheese. While I was kind of hoping for meaty pieces of lobster, most of the pieces were on the small side. Although, I did find a couple larger chunks mixed in. The inside of a medium container is about the size of two Metrocards. It’s not a ton of food, but at $8.45, a large plate is still an affordable option. I’m definitely returning for a large plate of one of the cheese grits options … although there are so many choices, I might have to return more than once.

Bryant Park Holiday Shopshttp://theholidayshopsatbryantpark.com/


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    I’m on the fence about this as a former southerner. Aside from the fact that grits are carbs meant to help poor people stretch tiny amounts of protein into a meal and therefore never meant to anywhere near the $8 mark EVER, they’re very personal in taste. What I’ve had in godforsaken NY grits so far has been an unsubtle salt-cheese overkill, so I’m gun-shy about any (other than my own, of course). Same goes for biscuits and gravy.

    The artisan cheerleaders seem to think provenance solves everything. Southern food is about process, precisely because ingredients were never affordable. Throwing in expensive stuff doesn’t help here.

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    If it make you feel better, maybe they can change the name to Daisy’s Polenta.

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    I just noticed on their website, many of the Grits are Dairy Free.

    I guess that means no butter or cream/milk. I can’t imagine grits without butter and cream.

  • I want a Biscuits & Gravy kiosk.

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