Checking out The Southwest Porch’s New Hamburger

Southwest Porch
I know Bryant Park’s Southwest Porch is kitschy, but I’m a sucker for porch swings. And fire pits. And I keep thinking that someday we’ll wake up and it will be gone. No more porch swinging! Horrors! For this summer, they added a few things to the menu, including calorie counts. When I heard an actual grilled burger was on the menu, I was game–even if it was $1 above the ML ceiling.

Southwest Porch Cheeseburger

Yes, they have an actual barbecue grill just like the ones found in suburban backyards across the country, all fired up and ready to go for some burger action. With the food coming from ‘wichcraft, I was prepared for it to be a little undersized, but good. The burger was done to medium, but was obviously of the frozen –’wichcraft says it’s ground fresh everyday–patty variety. Why is it so hard to find a hand-formed burger made from fresh meat? The bun to burger ratio was off, with the bun coming in on the “way too big” end of the scale. Though it had its flaws, if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon burger and are feeling nostalgic for backyards and porch swings, this will totally fulfill that craving.

Southwest Porch

Or you could just blow that off and get the cream’wich plate. The complete lineup on one plate and in the ML price range. Someone–totally not me, guys!–is going to have this for lunch next time she finds herself need a good porch swinging session.


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