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VendrTV Loves Wafels & Dinges: Speaking of Wafels & Dinges, they're the profiled street vendor in this week's episode of VendrTV. The best part of the episode (besides watching the adorable Dan Delaney scarf down two waffles) is owner Thomas telling the story of some old lady bringing her own butter to put on a waffle. Gotta love NYC! Watch the video here>>

Street Sweets Gets Their Moment in the VendrTV Sun

If I see one more thing about turkey, or stuffing, or leftovers I’m going to barf… but there’s always room for pumpkin bread! VendrTV hit up the Street Sweets Truck last week for their Thanksgiving episode and sampled the macarella, the pumpkin whoopie pies, and a pumpkin loaf. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, seeing Samira rib host Dan Delaney while they made pumpkin bread or her husband Grant saying “Christian Louboutin” (?) with a straight face. (Smile Grant! I know you can do it…)

Check out the video after the jump…

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This is Why You’re Fat Midtown (The Video)

Last week 6 carts (including 3 in Midtown) offered up special “This is Why You’re Fat” inspired dishes for a scavenger hunt, and we posted photos of all the deliciousness. But photos can only be so effective. What you really want to see is an adorable hipster scarfing down those dishes one after another on video. Thank god for Vendr TV. Their latest video, which features Dan Delaney eating all six specials one after another, is after the jump.

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The Fancification of Street Meat

Despite the rain it looks like Dan Delaney and Fancy Fast Food managed to make it to the Famous Halal Guys cart on 53rd and 6th yesterday to fancify a plate of street meat for a future episode of VendrTV. Both camps were being all hush hush about exactly what they did (I suggested a charcuterie plate!), but this curious looking photo was posted online last night. A tagine isn’t a huge stretch from the original dish, but it’s still the fanciest plate of street meat I’ve ever seen! And it looks like they might have even cut up the rice to make it look like cous cous. Maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the episode to see!

VendrTV All Over NYC This Week

If you’re a fan of Dan Delaney and his weekly street food videos on VendrTV than this week might be a good time for some old fashion stalking. On Wednesday they’ll be filming with the Schnitzel & Things Truck in Dumbo, and on Thursday they’ll be involved in some way with the This is Why Your Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge (the thing we posted about here). But the most interesting VendrTV episode in the works might be with Fancy Fast Food (the blog that turns fast food into beautifully fancy dishes). From their twitter: “Got approached by to do a fancification with NYC street meat. Thoughts on what to make?” I like the sound of this… anybody have any ideas?

Fancy Fast Food Makes Mousse Out of Miss Softee
VendrTV Visits the 53rd St. & 6th Ave. Halal Guys
Vendr TV Launches With Midtown Treats Truck Video (Do You See Yourself?)

I Got to Swig Wine at the Kwik Meal Cart With Gary Vaynerchuk

Who says wine can’t go with street food!  The latest episode of VendrTV is up, and features Gary Vaynerchuk (from Wine Library TV) pairing wine with food from the Kwik Meal Cart and the Dessert Truck (R.I.P.) VendrTV host Dan Delaney was nice enough to invite me out to Kwik Meal (fresh off their Street Meat Palooza 2 victory), so if you want to see us swigging wine on the corner of 45th and 6th, you’ll want to check out the video posted after the jump.  (Warning: I am not an attractive man.)

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Hallo Berlin’s Rolf Babiel Tells VendrTV How Germans Like Sex

Hallo Berlin (on 54th & 5th) is the latest cart to get their own episode on VendrTV, and watching Rolf Babiel work the cart while simultaneously answering the host’s questions is a sight to behold.  I learned the hard way not to take anything Rolf says seriously, but he ends up being pretty well behaved for most of this video- talking about how growing up poor in Germany taught him how to run an extremely efficient cart. The funniest bit is actually an outtake at the very end where he explains how Germans like to be spontaneous… like with sex. (Bonus Reveal: Rolf claims to have had sex in the store room and on the beer barrels at the restaurant.)

See the video for yourself, after the jump.

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Jake & Amir Visit Papa Perrone’s Truck


College Humor stars Jake & Amir visited Papa Perrone’s Truck the other day, and VendrTV was there to catch the action. Why Papa Perrone’s? Because apparently pizza is “college food”. Kind of a stretch if you ask me (since I’m pretty sure no college students come to Midtown for pizza) but you know what would be college food? A Rutgers Grease Truck sandwich (which coincidentally enough VendrTV visited a few weeks ago.) I’ve been begging for this since we started the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. Will somebody please step up to the plate and make this mozzarella stick/chicken finger/french fry monstrosity happen? Papa Perrone? Nino’s? Are you listening?

Papa Perrone’s actual sandwich entry (before the update) does make it into the video (along with some great video of the big Papa himself), and you can see it after the jump…

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Vendr TV Hallo Berlin “EatUp” is Today: Just a reminder, VendrTV's first street vendor "EatUp" is today at Hallo Berlin Cart (on 54th and 5th). So, if you're into the idea of sharing a German brat with other like-minded cart-loving people, be there at Noon.  If a "Dictator's Special" sounds appealing, but being around people frightens you, I'd stay away from the HB cart until at least 1:30 p.m. today.  You can count on the line being much longer than normal today.

VendrTV Visits the 53rd St. & 6th Ave. Halal Guys

VendrTV, the new video podcast dedicated to uncovering the best street food in the world, has devoted their third episode to the famous chicken and lamb over rice guys on 53rd St. and 6th Ave. in Midtown. The episode is hosted by Daniel Delaney (with a little help from yours truly) and he visits the famous nighttime cart on the SW corner, their daytime sister cart which parks on the SE corner, and the imposter cart that parks on the SW corner during the day. The episode brings to life a series of posts from Midtown Lunch, and is vaguely reminiscent of that “report” on WCBS TV last November- except that it’s good.

I hesitate to post the video, which exposes me in all my dorkiness and perhaps shows me looking not quite as fat as you may think I am.  Just know this for the purposes of scale… I only look that way because the host of the show is 7’1″ and weighs 530 pounds. (Lord help me, I’m just not that attractive…)

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