Wafels, Treats Truck & Cravings Bring the ‘This is Why You’re Fat Thunder!’


By the time you read this post, the guy in the photo above will have probably won the “This is Why You’re Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge”.  He bought lunch for the guy at the front of a very very long NYC Cravings Truck line (just so he could photograph himself with their special), and I saw him with a plate of the Treats Truck “dessert nachos” (yes, you read that right), before @TIWYF had even twittered the Treats Truck location.  (UPDATE: And it’s over.  And in case you are wondering, yes- that is Nick McGlynn.)

But just because this guy won first, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one or more of the specials for yourself.  I’m pretty sure all the trucks will continue to sell their special today, even after the contest has been won.  Check them out, in all their glory, after the jump.


Wafels and Dinges is parked on 45th btw. 6+7th selling a “Double Liege Wafel Ice Cream Sandwich with smashed speculoos cookies & whipped cream.” It’s $8 but looks to be worth every single penny. (Thomas the owner was even spotted eating one, and said they might add it to the regular menu.)


The NYC Cravings Truck, which is on 53rd btw. Park+Lex, is serving their porken off the menu special (fried chicken + fried pork chops) with a special addition. Fried dumplings! I think this one might be $10, but I’m not positive.


DESSERT NACHOS!!!! Oh my lord that looks awesome. Courtesy of the Treats Truck, which is parked today on 38th and 5th. Don’t know how much this is, but quite frankly does it really matter? I think I know what I’m having for an afternoon snack!

I didn’t hit up the other three trucks, but found these photos of what they were serving on Twitter…

bistro burger

The Bistro Truck’s “Big Mouth Burger”. That… looks… amazing. They’re parked on 5th and 16th (and don’t pretend like some of you aren’t going to jump on the subway now for that thing.)

Photo courtesy of @cupcakestop

Cupcake Stop is on 5th btw. 22nd and 23rd selling… wait for it… cinnamon roll cupcakes (nice.)

And the final stop…

Photo couresy of eddieeats

The Michel Cluizel Brownie Sundae at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck 5th Ave & 23rd.

You know what… if anybody ate all 6 of these things, they deserve to win a street truck party for 25 of their friends!


  • GAWD! I love this website! The top photo (the guy with the camera phone) should win some sort of award.


  • Looks like there’s controversy brewing. I see some accusations of cheating flying… since the vendors were announced before the contest started, it was possible to do an end-run around the posted hours and 20 minutes between tweets. It’ll be interesting to see if that disqualifies the person who posted all their pictures before it even started…

    As far as I could tell, the two serious contenders were @nmcglynn and @bigwillthechamp.

    Wish I could have participated, but it was fun to watch.

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    glorious food.

  • That dude looks like Ramon the crazy pool guy from Seinfeld.

  • Now thats what I call food porn! This post should be 18 and over to view :)

  • The last two photos don’t look fattening enough to qualify–they look small to me! Those first 4, especially that giant burger–now that is some serious eats!

  • oh my heavens I want that burger from the Bistro Truck

  • here are Nick McG’s pictures, on his blog – -http://nickmcglynn.tumblr.com/post/227072642/tiwyf-i-got-all-six-trucks-and-im-pretty-sure-i

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    last two are really not in the spirit of things. The dessert nachos – dear god what is in that? Anyone know?

    Also I feel bad about the craving truck since that’s just a normal lunch plate for me :(

  • I agree. Cinnamon roll cupcake and brownie sundae don’t look quite as intimidating as dessert nachos and big mouth burger…unless there’s like 3,000 calories each in the cupcake and brownie.

    Burger does looks awesome but not willing to go to Union Sq. for lunch. I did grab chicken w. rice & tea egg at NYC Cravings.

    Damn the dessert nachos look SICK! I want some but not the diabetes to go with it…

  • Re: the winner’s blog. Did we really need to know about his enjoyment of sex parties (paragraph 6)? Particularly since his mouth is wide open in almost every picture ;-)

  • sorry … this is cheating to me. he isn’t eating any of the food, just posing with other people’s food.

  • but the food looks amazing, hope the trucks will continue it!!

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    Yeah…I didn’t need to know what he did on his free time. Thanks for pointing out HighTemp.

    Those dessert nachos look fantastic!

  • MG19: anytime ;-)

    I’m inclined to the nachos too….though a bite of that burger would make me very very happy.

  • Cravings was out of rice and chicken by 1:45 when there were still a dozen or so people in line…(“you can still order a pork chop and get rice somewhere else”). Hmm…I went to pick up some el rey de sabor instead. The dumplings were apparently still available. Hope they were good.

  • I think the enormous burger and the dessert nachos were good material for TIWYF… everything else… meh.

  • What the heck is a “sex party?” Is that like a married swinger’s club thing (there is one around the block from me)or an Alternative lifestyle thing? Strip club, sure, brothel, sure, but “sex party?”

  • I thought I was the only one who took pictures of me pretending to open face my food :/

  • I just ate one of the wafel/ice cream sandwich things. AMAZING.

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