NYC Cravings Makes “Secret Menu Item” Permanent

Last Monday, the NYC Cravings Taiwanese fried chicken truck offered an “off the menu” special via Twitter: “Secret menu item: porken, combo of chicken & pork, for $7. tell your friends only. Tweet will self destruct in 30 mins.” Sure enough they deleted the tweet 30 minutes later… but that doesn’t mean the special is gone forever.  Like any great off the menu special, they’ll continue to honor the deal- as long as you know to ask for it.

I stopped by the truck yesterday (which was parked in Midtown for special make up day) to try it out for myself.


$7 gets you a piece of chicken *and* a pork chop, which is a pretty amazing deal considering that the chicken alone is $7.  So you’re basically getting a pork chop for free- if you know to ask for it!  I’ve already had the chicken, and the pork chop, and written about both… so there’s not much more I can say about either.  The pork sauce is still salty, the pickled greens are still sour and pickle-y, and the people who don’t like it will still say it’s too expensive and not as good as Chinatown. And I’ll still say “I don’t work in Chinatown.”  In other words, decent fried Taiwanese food + being stuck in Midtown = great Taiwanese food! So essentially, yes, I admit to using this news as an excuse to stuff my fat face (again) at the NYC Cravings Truck.

You can hit them up on Friday at 53rd btw. Lex+Park, or Monday on 45th & 6th. (Although recently they’ve been parking on 48th instead.) Just in case, I would recommend checking their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker as their schedule can change.

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  • aight, that’s a dang good deal there!

  • How could anyone complain about fried pork chops and chicken??

    If you guys are hungover after today’s Happy Hour, hit this truck up on Friday. Salty & Greasy is just what you’ll need!

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    We’re talking chinatown value here… this is awesome.

  • I want this to be parked in the Financial District again. Please!!!

  • What the hell?! I was talking to you and no mention of porken. Bah! If Harry could talk, he would have said something.

  • Nice chickchop combo. Def. worth considering at $7. Not so much when it’s only one or the other.

    I wonder if they continue to honor or start turning down the heavy flow of MLer requests?

  • @hungry – haha… you had already ordered!

  • I just had this. Awesome.

  • I grew up with a bunch of chinese kids. When I took the bag back to the office, the aroma reminded me of what their kitchen smelled like, and the chicken and especially the pork sauce tasted exactly like what dinner tasted like at their house. I always wondered why chinese restaurants (the americanized ones in bensonhurst) didnt turn out food as good as this. This dish brough back so many memories.

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