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This is Why You’re Fat Midtown (The Video)

Last week 6 carts (including 3 in Midtown) offered up special “This is Why You’re Fat” inspired dishes for a scavenger hunt, and we posted photos of all the deliciousness. But photos can only be so effective. What you really want to see is an adorable hipster scarfing down those dishes one after another on video. Thank god for Vendr TV. Their latest video, which features Dan Delaney eating all six specials one after another, is after the jump.

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Wafels, Treats Truck & Cravings Bring the ‘This is Why You’re Fat Thunder!’


By the time you read this post, the guy in the photo above will have probably won the “This is Why You’re Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge”.  He bought lunch for the guy at the front of a very very long NYC Cravings Truck line (just so he could photograph himself with their special), and I saw him with a plate of the Treats Truck “dessert nachos” (yes, you read that right), before @TIWYF had even twittered the Treats Truck location.  (UPDATE: And it’s over.  And in case you are wondering, yes- that is Nick McGlynn.)

But just because this guy won first, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one or more of the specials for yourself.  I’m pretty sure all the trucks will continue to sell their special today, even after the contest has been won.  Check them out, in all their glory, after the jump.

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Your Guide to This is Why You’re Fat’s Eat N Tweet Challenge

The week that gross food fanatics have been waiting for is finally here… “This is Why You’re Fat: The Book” is out, and to celebrate they’re having an Eat N Tweet Challenge today involving 6 NYC food trucks (and a lot of over the top lunch specials). The way the contest works is this: every 20 minutes, starting at 11am, @TIWYF will be twittering one by one the locations of each of the 6 trucks in the city selling a special item inspired by the book (i.e. disgustingly delicious). The first person to hit up each truck, and twitter photos of themselves @TIWYF with each of the six specials will win a private food cart party of your choice with 25 friends, and This is Why You’re Fat gift bags with free copies of the book! I know a lot of you have twitter blocked by your offices, so we’re adding @TIWYF to the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker for the day so you can follow along.

The best part is, even if you can’t make it to all six trucks you can still try any of the This is Why You’re Fat inspired menu items. And I’m pretty sure at least three of the six trucks will be in Midtown tomorrow. Find out which ones, plus more tips, after the jump.

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Win a Street Truck Party From “This is Why You’re Fat”

“This is Why You’re Fat” the book comes out next week, and to celebrate they’re having a food truck scavenger hunt in NYC next Thursday. It involves taking your photo with 6 different incredibly gross items from 6 different NYC food trucks.  Here’s all the info direct from TIWYF co-founder Jessica Amason:

This is Why You’re Fat is taking over NYC’s most popular food trucks for a day, giving the nation’s fascination with fatty foods the 2.0 treatment, all over again! I’ve created a Twitter contest involving six of Manhattan’s most popular Twittering food trucks to join the *Gross Food Movement and celebrate the blog to book that made it all happen.

When: Oct. 29 (the week of publication), from 11am to end of day.

Where: Throughout Manhattan (mostly downtown locations).

All the contest rules, plus a sneak peak at the list of the 6 food trucks that will be participating is after the jump.

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