Breaking: WCBS TV Uncovers Halal Cart Imposter! (Complete With Yellow Sweaters)


I don’t even know where to start with this one.  I post a story on Thursday, and yesterday CBS 2 ”reports” the same exact story on their 6 p.m. newscast- pawning it off as their own discovery.  Kind of lame if you ask me.  I might believe that it was just a coincidence, if it weren’t for the reporter being a complete douche total idiot guy who doesn’t know what the world halal means.  I’m flattered you use Midtown Lunch to come up with stories for your newscast… but a little credit would have been nice.  Think I’m being a bit harsh?  Read what I wrote on Thursay.  Then watch the video of the newscast… and you be the judge.


  • Peep your ip logs and see if anyone from CBS has been lurking. Step 2, profit!

  • I like how the CBS folks were trying to create some conflict when the real halal cart guys couldn’t seem to care less. They’ve got lines around the corner and have to sleep at some point, so maybe it truly is no big deal for them.

  • Profit is step 3

  • You do realize reporters are just below politicians and lawyers in terms of ethics and self importance/preservation?

  • I’d be pretty pissed about this, they could have at least given you a mention… I would complain!

  • PS I think I learned what halal means on your site. Now people think I’m weird when I explain it (when they ask) “Halal is like kosher, but for a different religion. You know, a set of dietary rules and restrictions? What? WHAT?! Why are you looking at me like that?!”

  • Wow, that is lame. They have the same name on the side of the cart… because it’s the type of food they carry! How can you live in New York and not know what Halal means?

  • FYI, you can write in to comment about it here:

    Re: Scott Rapoport’s “Vendor Beef” segment

  • I have eaten the impostor street meat back when I worked at CBS Sports and I can vouch for the fact that it is good.

  • CBS clearly ‘stole’ the story. The only difference is (besides the telecast-vs-blog) Zach described the issue and had the details down cold (natch!), while the CBS idiots confused things and basically missed the point. (The cart is also called Halal? Give me a break!)

  • The “reporter” should be fired. The network, make an apology to Zach. Then, hold a crash course in, uh… “New York City culture” to ensure that no future food journalists are clueless as to the meaning of Halal. WTF?!

  • The media stealing from Zach…good lord, how low can they go

    Next they’ll be influencing elections for chrissakes

  • wearing yellow to “honor” NYC taxis?? ok, sure.

  • that’s messed up. i’m certain scott would be pretty upset if you stole his douchey delivery and lack of any useful knowledge.

    sadly the report should have started off “i stood here all day trying to start a cart war because i’m not important enough to be assigned a real story…”

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