Papa Perrone Completely Redeems Themselves With New Sandwich Challenge Entry

It just goes to show, it’s never too late to change things up.  People were pretty underwhelmed by the meatball sliders that the Papa Perrone truck entered into the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  Complaints were lodged in the comments, and Papa Perrone himself responded…  not just in the comments, but with a brand new sandwich entry.  Eggplant Parm + Meatballs + Garlic Bread = Full and Complete Redemption.

Check it out after the jump.



At $9, it’s a little pricey (especially when you can get a probably just as filling eggplant parm, or meatball sandwich for $6-7) but man was it worth it.  I was a little afraid you wouldn’t be able to taste the “garlic bread” roll through the meatballs and the fried eggplant… but you could.  (Although admittedly it might be more of a smell thing than a taste thing.)  @Noodlr twittered this yesterday (and I saw it re-posted by Pete Wells the Editor of the NY Times)

“Please, please stop with the formulation ‘Fatty Food A + Fatty Food B: What’s not to like?’ Please.”

It totally made me think of this sandwich, and I’m sorry… but I just can’t stop myself.  What’s… not… to… like!

I will admit, though, eating too many of these things will in fact kill you, and I make no promises about how the sandwich will effect your personal digestive system.  But, damn, it tasted good going down.

Papa Perrone’s Truck, 55th btw. Madison+Park


  • Holly Coronary Batman!!
    That looks so good!! WANT ONE NOW!!!

  • Heading out now to get one now. If you want one you better go early as he has a tendency to get long lines and get sold out of the ML specials very quickly. JD already promised to set one aside for me.

  • $9?!? Gotta try it tho…

  • The line was 2x normal yest. as people lined up for this guy…excited to try it

  • Heading over now – thanks!! Hard to beat the fried eggplant at DeFonte’s (not a bad bus ride from 42nd st.)

  • Oh, I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

  • Wow – much better than the pizza rustica …

  • that was really a great sandwich. the best midtown lunch challenge entry that I have tried. though now I feel out of it, maybe I should go grab a piece of fruit.

  • I thought I saw you and Harry there the other day, Zach (yay! I’m creepy!), and was wondering when you were going to do a write-up.

    Anyway, I dug on the pizza rustica but will definitely try this delicious frankenstein of a sandwich next.


    - ZACH 15:24

  • Zach: please stop with the twittering nonsense. It is unbecoming. You already have a serious strike against you from the Walgreens sandwich failpalooza. You’re in danger of losing our respect entirely.

  • Anyone know if the truck is there today since it is Good Friday?

    stevenp, get a life and get lost. Thanks.

  • Wasn’t there as of 10:30 this morning, A5 (and it usually is by then). My guess is he’s taking today off. Which I should’ve done.

  • makes sense, thanks fat mikey.

  • It wasn’t there. I realized this after I went there and then realized that he wouldn’t be there on Good Friday like half of my office.

    Grrrr. Hungrrrrr.

    That’s the price I pay for being a bad catholic.

  • With the Easter weekend we will be out of town and back on the street on Tuesday

  • it was delicious

  • So now I understand how a pizza van can actually operate. I guess all the stuff is premade, kept warm, and heated in an oven to order (not complaining, I just now understand).

    I ordered the special. As of 12:30pm today, I was the last one to order it as he ran out. Apparently these things are pretty popular, and rightfully so.

    Ordinarily, I think I’d give the sandwich a 7/10 (the roll was a bit too soft, but considering he has to keep things pre-made, the choice makes perfect sense).

    However, being that it’s on garlic bread instead, it’s definitely an 8. The only thing that could make this a 9+ would be the bread. If he were in a proper pizzeria and could make it to order and use great italian bread thats plentiful in the city, this would be a hard to beat sandwich. I would be shocked if in a year from now all the pizzerias don’t have this on their menu.

    As for the concern about tasting the garlic bread, you most definitely could taste the garlic, and it’s definitely not just the aroma. The bite of the garlic makes it past the parm for sure.

    So yah, this is definitely a “MidtownLunch Sandwich Challenge” triumph IMO (even at $9).

  • I tried this. It was pretty unspectacular. It’s not bad, but it’s not as mind blowing as I thought meatball, eggplant, and garlic bread would be. The eggplant gets lost in the sandwich unless it falls out, and there wasn’t a distinct garlic bread flavor. On the other hand, it’s not as unhealthy as it could be if they used greasy garlic bread and eggplant.

    Perrone’s meatballs are very good on their own. That’s a better pick.

  • It looks like the special has been updated – today it was eggplant parm with baked ziti on garlic bread for $7.50…. and it was amazing.

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