Papa Perrone’s Meatball Sliders are “Overwhelmingly Meh”


Not my words… but from Midtown Lunch commenter/early adopter “Boyd”.  But, per the rules of the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, I had to go and try them… and post about them.  And “meh” pretty much sums it up. One for $3, 3 for $8 they weren’t bad… just… well… meh.  Especially for an entry into the sandwich challenge.  They are definitely fun (I don’t know what it is about mini sandwiches that makes them so endearing), and the meatballs and bread taste good, but while you’re eating it you can’t help but wonder “why didn’t I just order the meatball parm hero”?  You also kind of need a fork… and I would have liked the cheese to be melted.

The guy who runs the truck told me he was considering doing a eggplant parm/lasagna hero on garlic bread (!?!) but switched it up at the last minute.  Now that sounds like a MLSC entry!  Maybe if we bug him enough, he’ll try doing that one day…


  • It’s not too late to make it right … kill the meh and bring on the eggplant parm/lasagna hero on garlic bread already …

  • eggplant parm/lasagna hero on garlic bread sounds like a sandwich made by the gods.

  • I think that whole truck (save the artichoke pie) just elicits a “meh” reaction.

    They do offer free cookie samples in the window…

  • No melted cheese? That does look incredibly “Meh”

  • Who the hell would order this (3 for $8?) instead of a regular meatball parm sub, where the cheese is actually melted *and* you get more than 3 meatballs for less! Some of this ‘slider’ bs is just too gimmicky. I’ll pass.

  • I agree w/Dylan – besides the artichoke pie everything else is just meh, meh, meh and the portions aren’t exactly generous for the price

  • This reminds of the ads for BK mini-burgers…

  • Dude, that looks like something I’d eat at 3 am on a Tuesday night after I was high LOL…..I say go for the lasagna eggplant parm sub!

  • it looks like he ordered the whole meatball sub and thats the last bite left.

  • i love it. 2009 really is the year of “meh”. Melted cheese can make anything not-meh. they should melt the cheese.

  • To improve, give half a meatball with melted cheese and charge half the price.

  • I was not impressed with the pizza, either

  • Honestly, how does someone compare Eggplant+Lasagna+GarlicBread to MiniHero+Meatballs and come up with the latter as a winner?

    that said, I’d rather have MeatballEggplantParm on GarlicBread which was a favorite sandwhich of my mom and I growing up. Some pizzaria’s wouldnt do that so we’d order individual Eggplant and Meatball parms and mix it ourselves.


  • @adam prato

    Jesus christ that sounds like an instant heart attack.

  • Yes, a very delicious heart attack…..mummmmm

  • I tried the sliders the other day, and agree that it was “meh”. If he melted the cheese on it, it would definitely enhance the flavors due to the natural saltiness of cheese, and would make it a bit better. If your not sold on their grandma slice, try it ‘pablo style’ “Meatball and melted mozz”. As for the artichoke pie, im not a big fan



  • Every time I had to make the sliders all I kept thinking was why am I making a slider when I have a good meatball parm hero. I found it to be a pain in the butt to make them, especially when the line was long. Now that the people have spoken we will react so stay tooned. Since it is Easter we will be making our Easter Pie ( Pizza Rustica) starting Tuesday because we will be out on Monday.

  • Jesus wayne….you’re almost god like with you commands…and getting answers.

    Who shot kennedy?

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