Papa Perrone’s Meatball Sliders are “Overwhelmingly Meh”


Not my words… but from Midtown Lunch commenter/early adopter “Boyd”.  But, per the rules of the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, I had to go and try them… and post about them.  And “meh” pretty much sums it up. One for $3, 3 for $8 they weren’t bad… just… well… meh.  Especially for an entry into the sandwich challenge.  They are definitely fun (I don’t know what it is about mini sandwiches that makes them so endearing), and the meatballs and bread taste good, but while you’re eating it you can’t help but wonder “why didn’t I just order the meatball parm hero”?  You also kind of need a fork… and I would have liked the cheese to be melted.

The guy who runs the truck told me he was considering doing a eggplant parm/lasagna hero on garlic bread (!?!) but switched it up at the last minute.  Now that sounds like a MLSC entry!  Maybe if we bug him enough, he’ll try doing that one day…


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