VendrTV All Over NYC This Week

If you’re a fan of Dan Delaney and his weekly street food videos on VendrTV than this week might be a good time for some old fashion stalking. On Wednesday they’ll be filming with the Schnitzel & Things Truck in Dumbo, and on Thursday they’ll be involved in some way with the This is Why Your Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge (the thing we posted about here). But the most interesting VendrTV episode in the works might be with Fancy Fast Food (the blog that turns fast food into beautifully fancy dishes). From their twitter: “Got approached by to do a fancification with NYC street meat. Thoughts on what to make?” I like the sound of this… anybody have any ideas?

Fancy Fast Food Makes Mousse Out of Miss Softee
VendrTV Visits the 53rd St. & 6th Ave. Halal Guys
Vendr TV Launches With Midtown Treats Truck Video (Do You See Yourself?)


  • streetmeat tartare.

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    “If you’re a fan of Dan Delaney and his weekly street food videos….”

    You probably think:

    Miss Softee’s laugh is a turn-on.

    Fred contributes something to this site.

    The Dump Truck is worth of being a Vendy finalist.

    Sean Basinski has altruistic motives.

    But to answer the question I think making Papa Perrone’s dreck the slightest bit appetizing would be an unattainable challenge.

  • @ Danny… I like it!

  • Hey Zach!
    Thanks for the post. Here’s our schedule:

    Today – We shot a Halloween episode with Calexico
    Tomorrow – Yes, it’s true. We’re turning the Halal Guys platter at 53rd & 6th all Fancy with Fancy Fast Food/
    Wednesday – AM: Schnitzel & Things in DUMBO, Street Sweets in DUMBO, and Wafles & Dinges on the UES in the PM.
    Thursday – We’re partnering with This Is Why You’re Fat to cover there Eat N Tweet event.

    Hope to see you all out there!

  • Oooh! I’ve got it… a charcuterie plate! At 53rd and 6th you’ve got two kinds of meat that are completely chopped up, so you can mold them into terrines (three if you order the kofta kebab.) There’s rice too, although it’s orange. Maybe you could make some sort of boudin with rice and chicken meat and the white sauce (to turn the rice white?)

    Plus they give you pita, which can be used as the “toasts”?

  • What time at 53rd? I gotta see this!

  • @Zach – Hahah! Hmm – quite possibly! You’ll have to wait for the episode! :)

    @wellerfan – We’ll only be shooting for a few moments at 53rd and 6th. Not doing the actual cooking, sadly. So, it’s probably not worth venturing out. That being said, we’ll be in DUMBO for a long time. If it’s in the cards, you should swing by and get on camera!

  • Zach’s trying to steal my ideas:

  • Kwik meal lamb over rice and veggies over rice to make some sort of shephards pie dish. Use the rice and white sauce to make a risotto type rice dish that would act in place of the mashed potatoes.

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