I Got to Swig Wine at the Kwik Meal Cart With Gary Vaynerchuk

Who says wine can’t go with street food!  The latest episode of VendrTV is up, and features Gary Vaynerchuk (from Wine Library TV) pairing wine with food from the Kwik Meal Cart and the Dessert Truck (R.I.P.) VendrTV host Dan Delaney was nice enough to invite me out to Kwik Meal (fresh off their Street Meat Palooza 2 victory), so if you want to see us swigging wine on the corner of 45th and 6th, you’ll want to check out the video posted after the jump.  (Warning: I am not an attractive man.)

This all coincides with Wine Library TV’s NYC Week, featuring Gary V. broadcasting live every afternoon this week from the Roger Smith Hotel Lab Gallery (on 47th and Lex.)  I’ll be hanging out there tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm if you want to come down and check it out, or watch it live online.

And if you want to win bottles of the wine we tried in the episode, they’re giving some away over at Vendr.tv.

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  • Open containers and eating food off the nyc streets. Coupled with his “look at my striped shirt” shirt, well I’ll stop before I get started :)

    Wait. Wait. Where did he pull that bottle of wine from?

  • Zach, now i see why you talk up this Gary V. so much.. you guys are almost brothers.. i mean even the voices are similar at times.

    btw, was at Kiki the other day… is there a Street Meet-apalooza award they were given? If so, i didn’t see anything displayed. (maybe i missed it). You got to be real proud to win that one.. it’s a big win if you ask me.

  • Zach……cut back…..ya chin isn’t supposed to start at ya tits.

    I have 2 of the last 80 bottles of Petrus ’47 in the Basement…….guy in the pink….coked outa his widdle mind.

  • Torrontes? Would have went with a Reisling… or better yet, Gewurtztraminer

    or maybe Thunderbird to meet ML price limitations

    good call on the NZ Pinot tho

    Zach, bad move swilling after the swarthy vedrtv guy … you might want to hit the clinic & get tested

  • Hysterical :rofl:

  • Wayne, what’s vedrtv? All Vedder(eddie) All the time?

  • why do i get the feeling this guy had two random bottles and wine and figured he could bullshit his way through the pairings

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    I love how Gary emphasizes every single word. It’s TREMENDOUS!

  • He also emphasizes his bites. He also emphasizes his crotch by hiding a bottle of wine there.

  • nothing says class like swigging wine out of a bottle and eating with street meat.

    good thing the cops weren’t to bust you for having an open container

  • Pink shirt needs to tone it down a few notches. Zach, you run a food blog, learn how to say gyro. Is this something that afflicts the entire Northeast because you guys never were exposed to the Jack in the Box ads as children?


  • @adamprato – in fact, gary always keeps wine in his crotch, among other places.

  • @moons – haha, we had a few more than two to pick from, and we selected the carts ahead of time. but i have no doubt in my mind that garyvee could find a way to pair drain water with just about anything.

  • Daniel, are you a frequent consumer of Gary’s “crotch wine”?

  • @steveroller – I know… as the word came out of mouth, I was thinking “I’m going to get shit for not calling it yee-roh.”

    What can I say? Old habits die hard…

  • You should definitely create the Midtown Lunch version of the Nathan’s Mustard Belt (perhaps ML White Sauce Belt) to give to the winning vendors to display proudly.

  • I’ve called it yee-roh at many of the halal carts “can I get a lamb yee-roh” and ended up with a confused look. My BF even ended up with a lamb hero: lamb on hero bread with all the fixins. That was a great mistake. I ended up ordering some of those later, they were good!

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